‘Let bygones be bygones’. . . Cont Mhlanga forgives all those he wanted to sue Cont Mhlanga

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
KEYONA TV chairperson, Cont Mhlanga who last year threatened to sue all those who made claims on social media that their television station was awarded a licence because of his affiliation to Zanu-PF, says he has since forgiven them after some apologised.

Last year, when the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) announced that KeYona TV was among six entities that had been awarded free to air national television licences, there was jubilation in some quarters. However, social media was awash with reports and conspiracy theories with some claiming that those who had been given the green light to operate had links to the ruling party.

Mhlanga, who said he was pained by such unfounded claims last month, came out fuming and threatened to sue. He said if those claims made by people were not substantiated, all those who made them would owe him 13 heifers each.

He went on to challenge those peddling the messages to come up with concrete evidence within 30 days or he would sue them, calling on people to help identify those who made the claims on social media. The 30 days lapsed on January 5.

In an interview at the weekend, Mhlanga said he is now focused on setting up the newly licensed television station.
Mhlanga said there were three people who apologised to him and with that, he has forgiven all.

“What happened is that people came forward with feedback of the names of those who were caught in that web of lies. I met three of them and they apologised saying they were caught in the web of gossip and they didn’t have any concrete evidence.

“I had asked people to come forward with evidence. Not even one came with that said evidence. Since there’s no one who has come forward with that evidence, it means that it’s not there. Just because of these three people who came to apologise, I’m no longer angry so let’s forget about this. My main concern is building the television station because KeYona is the most important thing now,” said Mhlanga.

Putting the threats to sue behind, Mhlanga said he now wants people to come together and help build the television station.

“What I’d like to do from now is to invite everyone to come together to work for the television station. It’s not the time to be asking who owns the station, what it is doing and what should or shouldn’t be put on it.

“This is the time for everyone to put their ideas together for this television station as it’s for the region and Matabeleland,” said Mhlanga.

He said a successful television station will spur development and economic growth in the region.

“Let’s use the television station to turn around the economy of our region as a whole. We should create jobs for our children, give them opportunities and bring about success using the television station,” said Mhlanga.

Other stations that were given TV licences are Zimpapers Television Network, Rusununguko Media (Pvt) Ltd trading as NRTV, Jester Media trading as 3K TV, Acacia Media Group trading as Kumba TV and Channel Dzimbahwe trading as Channel D. – Follow on Twitter @bonganinkunzi.


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