Let Trump see the speck in his eye first

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Let Trump see the speck in his eye first Donald Trump

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Chigumbu Warikandwa in New York
It was time for humble pie in New York on September 21 when President Mugabe, the long living African warrior, told off the United States President, Donald Trump at the United Nations General Assembly during his 20 minute long speech to the world.

Drunk with the self-conferred big brother syndrome, America has given itself, Trump had the previous day thrown a tantrum of a speech threatening North Korea with all superlatives for its nuke defence development. He didn’t end there. He tried to woo the world about his alleged commitment to global cooperation and international development which everyone could see for the lie that it was, as to the Trumpism movement “America comes First”.

America, using the usurped international people’s prefect role, feels it and it alone, has the monopoly to develop nuclear artillery.

Sedated by little donor money, some African leaders are too thankful that they fear raising a finger to the excesses of the American administration.

While Trump boasts of the majority international donor money poured by American taxpayers, if the truth be told, it is Scandinavia which brings in more aid to Africa on Gross National Income ratio. Countries like Sweden overtake America by more than 100 percent per capita on supporting African development and other developing countries of the planet. For the record, Scandinavian countries were not there when vultures scrambled for Africa on the Berlin conference. America gives a pitiable 0.17 percent of GNI compared to Sweden’s 1.37 percent. Hear hear!

And here is the catch, other than the motivation for developing people, America’s appetite for international aid is whetted by the zeal to protect its foreign policy on economics, politics and defence, the need to develop new markets and the quest to conquer resources in the guise of international cooperation.

In this regard, America seeks to cultivate ‘goodwill’ by one sided consensus in order to gain down-sloping leeway in its glide to resources of the poor.

And of source markets?

America is fully aware of the far to be reached carrying capacity of under populated Africa. In this regard, growing the resilience of African populations through health and long life interventions will guarantee America of a strong market for its finished goods and services.

“The US President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR) was launched in 2003 by President George W Bush with strong bipartisan support from the US Congress and strengthened significantly by President Barack Obama. The programme represents America’s commitment to saving lives and the shared responsibility of all global partners to achieve an Aids-free generation. With the generous support of the American people, the US government has committed more than $70 billion to bilateral HIV/Aids programmes; the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria; and bilateral tuberculosis programs,” writes the PEPFAR website on its introduction on this subject. Very good public relations talk there!

And away from growing the animal farm of Africa with America as the chief veterinarian, how about creating a source market for its new and old drugs too? Did you hear it up there that part of the American foreign policy is to create source markets for its goods?

A dead customer only consumes a coffin as his final shopping! But a resilient person with longer life expectancy will continue demanding life serving and supporting goods and services, the technology of which will never be transferred to Africa for the purposes of protecting both of America’s domestic and foreign policies on economics and other hideous interests, some of which will burst out of Trump’s trumpet in a desperate attempt to remain the leading nation of the world by both fair and unfair means combined.

Other than testing new drugs on mice and chimpanzees, it is not totally safe to take same drugs onto people by virtue of such drugs having managed to effectively cure malaria suffering rodents.

The answer is that a near specimen of carriers has to be tested first before contaminating American blood. America first! Africa is where the dice will always fall on this gamble.

Now enter the Kim dynasty of North Korea! The geographical map of America is a lie.

America is not the landmass existing between Canada and Mexico alone; instead it is an elusive landmass with ever-changing frontiers. America wants a piece of everyone’s land and power of influence. Wherever the American mind goes so must the American statehood. This explains why the country mobilizes an army bigger than its domestic needs, chewing some $1.6 trillion dollars, a figure twenty times more than the dwarf $73 billion it choruses in PEPFAR funding.

I haven’t forgotten the admonishing given to the new Goliath risen amongt us by Africa’s world famous statesman, President Mugabe. As a matter of fact, President Mugabe’s rebuke, met with awe stricken UNGA delegates, pointed an accusatory finger to America’s hand in destabilising world peace. It is American industry which supplies the hardware and software of war.

It is America which wins lucrative reconstruction and maintenance effort contracts in the war aftermath. Ask Iraq!

It is America which brings in the first oil rig inside the confusion of war. It is the same America which boycotts the Paris agreement on industrial leniency to the ozone layer but is the chief culprit in emitting petrifying spews of industrial gas into the collectively owned skies of the universe.

Just in its backyard, in the Caribbean, Puerto Ricans and a litter of other islands in the Caribbean Sea are in the height of a horrifying battering by a mad hurricane, christened Maria, courtesy of climate change. And guess who runs in, to assess the kill first? None other than two US governors and their boss who will not put his finger in global efforts at retarding climate change!

Puerto Ricans are desperate for, water, electricity, information, even gossip!

Above 90 percent of the country’s mobile telephony is down, the little still running is suffering power unavailability after Hurricane Maria tore down power, roads are subdued in water, rubbish and debris, building are begging for emergency reconstruction, so are the people’s lives.

Emergency rescue is needed, the sick and terrified need assistance, industry has to work, food has to be manufactured and distributed inside the confusion. The insurance industry will be inundated with new customers upon recovery. Everyone’s eyes are on America, which is where salvation shall come from.

Unbeknown to the desperate homeless family is the Goliath Good Samaritan who will not help the universe on matters of climatic conservation despite being the chief witch of the same environmental degradation. The witch shall bring his companies, workmen, resources and get every contract there is! See? Good foreign policy there! America First!

Who really shall tame the Goliath on the loose? Any David to dress forward? President Mugabe has identified the problem, any takers? Anyone to coalesce with, in stopping this village bully? Pyongyang is one sure volunteer, ready to nuke down the world, including self. Shall it be his fault or anybody’s?

There is a serious begging for reasonable men in power. It is high time that those playing the fluke of power play it to the melodies of global unity, peace, dialogue, development and cooperation. Mankind cannot be subdued by nukes. But without the willpower of humanity, nukes shall subdue mankind. Let the Goliaths and Goliath-lets be called to order by the voice of reason.

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