Let’s stop Satan running riot in homes

Stephen Mpofu, Perspective

CHILDREN are vital human infrastructure as a ‘‘gift and a reward from God’’ — Psalms 127:3 — without which there would be no Zimbabwean or any other society or nation in this whole wide world.

As such the lackadaisical approach to the protection of that heavenly gift, giving the devil the opportunity to run riot in our society must surely be regarded by our Creator as a damnation on the part of parents, relatives and other guardians to whom young children, young girls in particular look to.

The subject in point in this discourse revolves around perpetrators of sexual violence reported, in particular, in Matabeleland South with 62 percent of them occurring in homes but with no traditional or community leader standing up to read the riot act in a determined bid to end the rot either in that province or elsewhere in Zimbabwe where the devil is also surreptitiously on a riot, keeping the mouths of parents or guardians of the victims sealed.

Surely someone among traditional or other community leaders must have resolved that enough was enough and stood up to be counted among protectors of the vulnerable, defenceless girlchild.

This communicologist has wondered in a previous column if no concerned people existed to condemn and report to the police the sexual violator or violators in the Tsholotsho community where a nine-year-old girl was impregnated by a cousin, giving birth by Caesarean section at a Bulawayo hospital recently and in the process drawing the concern of the First Lady, Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa, who visited the second known youngest mother, the first reportedly being a five-year-old girl but whose identity and nationality are not in the public domain in Zimbabwe.

In the circumstances the time appears long overdue for our Zimbabwean nation as a whole to declare war on perpetrators of sexual violence on defenceless girlchildren who obviously dread violent or other unwholesome reprisals should they expose their violators, some of whom probably seal the victim’s lips with gifts including money.

Mrs Mnangagwa’s demonstration of concern at the nine-year-old mother’s plight should encourage all other concerned patriots, men and women in our society to expose sexual vultures feasting on defenceless children who are THE infrastructure of a future Zimbabwean nation.

In that regard, the Church of God must of necessity play a vital role in conscientising young girls, in particular about their self-protection by exposing to the police or community leaders’ solicitors of carnal relations using violent threats or bribes, be they relatives or others, for their own protection without any fears of retribution.

To that effect Harvest House International, a church in which this writer and family members belong must be applauded for standing up to the protection of vulnerable children by empowering them at Sunday School lessons, for instance, to realise that they are gifts from God on which no males with Satanic intent should lay their dirty hands on them and should therefore, resist and expose to authorities any male sex maniacs trying to violate them.

Concerned congregants in other churches will no doubt also rise to the need, if not exercising it already, to also protect the girl child from the devil’s operatives roaming our country while holding reproductive organs in their hands.

But while we are at it, the carnal sex story remains incomplete without attention also being drawn to THE laissez-faire protection of vital infrastructure the vandalism of which has left Bulawayo residents limping vis-à-vis their water supplies as a result of vandalism of electricity transformers and theft of copper lines at Epping Forest and Rochester Aquifer.

Government ministers on a tour of the areas earlier this week found one of the destroyed electricity transformers which was removed and dumped on the ground, with its parts stripped off.

The vandalism has left Bulawayo residents receiving only three instead of 20 megalitres.

But the big question is why was the vital infrastructure in point and known to everyone to be vulnerable to marauding copper cables thieves left exposed instead of being protected day and night from vandals known to be helping themselves to copper cables in many parts of the country for smuggling to neighbouring countries to the south of us where the loot apparently fetches lucrative prices?

As in the case above regarding the laxity in the protection of girls from sexual violence those who are paid to look after vital infrastructure but apparently sleep on the job must be made to face the music.

Now the Government will be compelled to pay a lot of money to replace the vandalised infrastructure when that scarce resource ought to be directed to other economic needs, what with illegal western sanctions that have seriously affected Zimbabwe’s economic growth.

All patriotic Zimbabweans should declare war on those among us who indirectly collaborate their heinous laxity with our external economic foes by not jealously guarding economic infrastructures vital for everyone’s survival.

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