Letters to the Editor: Protect us from ruthless lawyer

10 Jul, 2018 - 00:07 0 Views
Letters to the Editor: Protect us from ruthless lawyer

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EDITOR — The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) guys in Rutenga have disconnected water from defaulting residents and instituted court proceedings to recover monies owed.

The lawyer who has been hired by Zinwa is ruthless and has sought the services of a messenger of court as the blitz to recover money from defaulters continues.

Most affected people are National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) employees who cannot afford to pay every month because they have not been paid full salaries since dollarisation.

We are living in fear because the messenger of court is attaching household property for those who are unable to settle outstanding arrerars.

The messenger of court has instilled fear among the residents but it not their fault because Zinwa is overcharging for their water.

How can people living in a rural setup be made to pay such high rates? The water is very expensive for a growth point like Rutenga and I urge the responsible authorities to consider our plight because the economy is not performing as well as it should and Zinwa as a government entity must consider the situation and have a more friendly manner of collecting overdue accounts without resorting to the humiliating system of attaching people’s property.

Zinwa failed in cities because they lack the expertise and experience to manage water and I do not see them succeeding at the growth points.

The timing – since we are heading for the harmonised elections — is also wrong because it seems someone at Zinwa wants to turn the people against the government.

People must be given options of payment through friendly methods like using swipe machines or EcoCash.

Disgruntled Rutenga Residents, Rutenga.

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