Liquor Hub Fun Run upgrade excites Bab

Innocent Kurira, [email protected]

THE organisers of the Liquor Hub Fun Run will upgrade the race to a 21km race.

For the past seven years, the fun run has been a 10km race and organisers feel it’s now time for the event to go a level up.

The move has been welcomed by the Bulawayo Athletics Board (Bab) who are the custodians of athletics in the city.

“We are already planning ahead following the promise for the sponsors. For the 21km race, we will need to increase our turning point from 5km to 10,5km and you don’t just change the point as there is a need for the national association to bring in a qualified route course marker to certify the route or we may just go for a new route altogether. So these are the processes that we want to deal with urgently so that next year at the time of having the race everything is in order,” said Madanyika.

The eighth edition of the Fun Run is set for this Sunday and registration for the event is progressing well.

“A huge number of athletes from outside Bulawayo have promised to be part of the event. Most of them will arrive in the city on Saturday. Registration will be open till early Sunday morning before the start of the race,” said Madanyika.

This year’s event will also see the introduction of new categories which are Under-14 boys and girls’ category, grandmasters athletes men and women, veterans and masters.

Registration for the event is now open with registration fees for all age groups pegged at US$5 for all age-groups and US$3 for the Charity Walk.

It closes on Sunday.

Proceeds from the race will benefit the elderly in the City of Kings courtesy of Modi, who last year bought air tickets for two children to undergo heart surgery in India.

Modi also facilitated their treatment in India. -@innocentskizoe

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