LIVE: President Mnangagwa’s Masvingo star rally

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Dashboard: Stanford Chiwanga

15:32 – That’s all from us today. Thank you for joining us.

15:31 – President Mnangagwa is done speaking. Cde Lovemore Matuke is now giving the Vote of Thanks.

15:30 – “History has always been that Masvingo leads on unity. As from now onward, there will be a competition between provinces based on various developmental projects which would have been completed.”

15:18 – On the cash crisis President Mnangagwa said:

“Developed countries are now cashless society. Swipe must control 90 percent while cash transactions will only be 10 percent.”

15:15 – “The main reason why we fought during the war of liberation was because of land. We now have land after passing the Land Acquisition Act. Our task now is to make that land productive. We must mechanise our agricultural sector and apply our ICT to all sectors of the economy.

We will never lose national interests in attaining all that. We must do everything to make our own people happy. Zanu-PF is a party which understands the pain which the sons and daughters of this nation suffered during the war of liberation. Zanu-PF determines the direction of the country, I proclaimed elections dates and the nomination court was on yesterday and all political parties followed suit.”

15:08 – “Chiefs must be the vanguards of our traditional culture; Zanu-PF must govern while churches must focus on repentance of the people.”

15:07 – “We must fight corruption wherever we find it. All of us should fight corruption.”

15:06 – “Higher and Tertiary institutions must produce products which can speak to modern technologies.”

15:05 – “Beitbridge – Harare Highway has caused many deaths due to accidents. Contracted company Geiger International had no money. We are now looking at now companies and we are looking at their proof of payment. 300 000 jobs will be created when the road starts to be rehabilitated.”

15:04 – “In mining, we have lithium at Bikita, we are introducing new investors who will partner Government in exploring the minerals. Minister Chitando must make sure that he walks the talk, if he doesn’t do so I will relieve him from his duties. Diamonds in Sese, Chivi District will be exploited after the elections as we are crafting a new diamond policy and we will start mining in September,”

15;01 – “We already have fish in Tugwi Mukosi Dam and in six months harvesting will start. Poaching is now a cause for concern. On Tongaat Huletts Zimbabwe, we want this company to grow but we also want our indigenous farmers to benefit as well and that’s why we are engaging them,”

15:00 – The President has promised to compensate people settled at Chingwizi, an issue that had not been resolved in the previous dispensation.

14:55 – He says he is aware that some party candidates won primary elections through hook or crook.

If you are solidly behind ZANU PF, support the one who won. Those who filled their papers as independent candidates I heard they are one or two. In ZANU PF we have thieves, witches, farmers, miners but no one is above the party.

14:50 – “We commit our political parties to none violence. I wrote to ZEC and they said they had 112 political parties and later 133 when I wanted us to discuss about commitment on a none violent environment. Now that 23 parties have registered their intention to participate in the forthcoming election I will call them to sign a commitment against none violent campaigns.

“I am happy when I see you in numbers, now that you have the power; all those who are seated here are your servants. They are using the power which they get from you. You are the masters and we are the servants.When you meet Hungwe, you should say ‘hello my servant’ and if he refuses, I will remove him. Today I am going to sleep peacefully because I have seen that you love Zanu-PF.”

14:45 – “When I went to Davos I took with me my rainbow scarf and they now know me and Zimbabwe is on everyone’s lips. Before we came here we went to Mashava Mine which we are currently resuscitating. On Tuesday we will sign a deal with investors whom we met in Davos and are interested in CSC Masvingo. On 31 July, they will start operations at the abattoir and 500 jobs will be created,”

14:40 – I am very excited by the numbers I am seeing here, I doubt il have any other rally which will be as big as this. The whole of Masvingo is here. I am sure you are also happy to see me. I have come here at our commissariat’s invitation.

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14:30 – President Mnangagwa takes to the podium…

14:25 – Vice President Chiwenga says no Zimbabwean would die of hunger as President Mnangagwa’s Command Agriculture programme has seen the country’’ grain reserve being filled to capacity.

14:20 – Vice President Chiwenga now speaking…

“I am here to introduce a man who was born in Zvishavane in 1942, a child of vaMnangagwa. In 1961 when he was expelled from school in Zambia he was a member of UNIP a party that was led by Dr Kenneth Kaunda. Around about that time he was invited back to Zimbabwe to be part of the nationalist movement under Zapu.

“After independence he became the secretary of security as well as special assistant to the President. Cde Tongogara was supposed to go and brief the liberation fighters on the ceasefire agreement but after his death, President Mnangagwa was then appointed to do the task. He proved his intelligence when he performed that duty well. He was the key in the formation of a united Zimbabwe Defence Forces soon after independence as chairperson of the High Command,”

13:58 – In Masvingo there is no money,what you get in Masvingo are people, your people – Cde Hungwe.

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13:55 – Cde Hungwe takes to the podium. He acknowledges the presence of VP Chiwenga and his wife, who are also accompanying the President to this rally.

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13:50 – Cde Rugeje introducing some of the delegates accompanying President Mnangagwa.

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13:48 – Zanu PF Masvingo Provincial Chairman Cde Ezra Chadzamira on the podium, he welcomes the President for visiting Masvingo. He says the province is united and the party will reclaim all the 26 seats. He says the overwhelming turnout has even seen some failing to get the party regalia.

He says Masvingo province is very united behind President Mnangagwa.

“Zimbabwe will never be the same again, Masvingo will never be the same again under your leadership.”

13:42 – The National Anthem has been sung. Bishop Mabhena is invited to the podium to start proceedings with a word of prayer

13:35 – ED has arrived at Mucheke B Arena and the crowd goes wild.

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13:25 – There is jubilation on the streets of Masvingo town as President Mnangagwa’s motorcade passes on its way to Mucheke B. ED responds by winding down his window to acknowledge the cheering residents by punching the air. Meanwhile, more people are still  making their way to the stadium.

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12:55 – President Mnangagwa and his team are now touring the Cold Storage Company.

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12:47 – Zanu-PF national political commissar Lieutenant-General Engelbert Rugeje and National Youth Secretary Cde Pupurayi Togarepi sharing notes at Mucheke B.

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12:42 – President Mnangagwa’s election promise in picture…

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12:30 – The President and Vice President Chiwenga are now in a briefing with CSC management. CSC has been struggling for years largely due to economic sanctions.

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12:16 – President Mnangagwa has arrived at CSC.

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Meanwhile Mucheke B stadium is now packed to the rafters.

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12:00 – King Mine workers after being addressed by President Mnangagwa…

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11:55 – President Mnangagwa had a briefing with Mashava Mine management. During the meeting management revealed plans to buy a new pump to de-water the mine.

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The meeting President Mnangagwa and VP Chiwenga were given a guided tour of the mine by the management.  The President said by this time next year Mashava and Shabanie Mine will be operational.

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“Government is now resuscitating this mine and we have no doubt that by this time next year this mine together with the asbestos mine Zvishavane will be fully operational.”

10:51 – Join us for live updates… we will be back shortly.

10:45 – Already the venue of the rally – Mucheke B – is filling up nicely as thousands are already finding their seats.

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ALL is set for a star rally to be addressed by Zanu-PF First Secretary and President Emmerson Mnangagwa at Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo today with more than 50 000 supporters having been mobilised to welcome their presidential candidate.

President Mnangagwa is also expected to visit the now defunct Mashava Mine and the Cold Storage Company amid plans to resuscitate the two companies.

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