LIVE: President officially opens the Bulawayo Arts Festival

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16:22 – Min Kazembe ends by once again thanking President Mnangagwa for gracing the event

16:21 – I had the opportunity to go through the video of the unvieling of the Mbuya Nehanda statue and I discovered all those that were involved were young people except the artist and the supervisor in general who was VP Chiwenga in other words our future is in safe hands

16:15 – Thank you President for taking time from your busy schedule to grace this occasion.

Let me thank all those involved for their solidarity in helping bring this festival to fruition

16:13 – Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Cde Kazembe Kazembe now giving closing remarks

16:08 – The President ends his remarks

16:07 – Bulawayo omuhle congratulations for a job well done

16:06 – Covid-19 pandemic is still with us. I urge the nation to continue observing the WHO GUIDELINES. We will soon be getting more vaccines this month. Bulawayo is set to host various international festivities in the coming few months so I encourage people to get vaccinated so the city reaches herd immunity.

16:02 – I challenge councils to avail more land to the arts sector for them to be able to create economic hubs.

16:01 – Let’s continue playing our part in the rewriting out history and correcting it.

15:59 – I call upon local authorities to continue naming places and confine names of the colonial regime.

If you go to other states you do not find Shona or Ndebele names in buildings but you continue to find colonial names here, PLEASE WAKE UP

15:57 – Music, crafts and designs must not only project our rich history but promote of national development ethos and our future growth.

I commend the consented efforts to promote the arts and creative sector in the city of Bulawayo

15;54 – The promotion of our culture and heritage is not a one day event but those in the sector are encouraged to package their products in line with the key activities in the country like the ZITF

15:53 – The creative culture industries should be perceived as an economic sector in its own right

15:52 – It is imperative that Bulawayo tap into the potential of the arts sector to drive other economic sectors and value chains

15:50 – Bulawayo has further demonstrated that it is a sanctuary of various cultural heritage

15:50 – The Baf initiative is commended for it’s inclusion of a broad showcase of participants

15:49 – The reincarnation of the colonial regime should never be allowed a foothole in our country

15:48 – Bulawayoyo remains the epicentre of our cultural sector. This morning I was pleased to tour the heritage corridor beginning with the the Inxwala site.

Lest we forget the hanging tree which stands as a reminder of the brutality of the white settler regime to our forefathers

15:46 – Although BAF is being held in Bulawayo it carries a national stature

15:45 – I am honoured and privileged to officiate at this second edition of the BAF. ON 21 may I launched the Cultural week in Gokwe and also unveiled the Mbuya Nehanda statue on May 25.

As the second republic we made a deliberate decision to promote our rich cultural history and we are not going back

15:41 – VP Chiwenga now invites President Mnangagwa to give his address

15:41- The President takes to the podium.

15:39 – Thanks to the leadership of President Mnangagwa the whole of Africa chose Zimbabwe to be host of the Museum of liberation war.

15:38 – Befitting this year’s edition of the Baf coincides with the unveiling of the Mbuya Nehanda statue.

With the astute leadership of our President the country will unveil more status to honour our heroes and heroines of the liberation struggle.

One of these is in Matabeleland, where a statue of Chief Mtshana Khumalo, who gallantly fought against the white settlers at the Battle of Pupu.

15:35 – The City of Bulawayo, as custodians of our cultural heritage should be commended for maintaining these sites.

15:34 – Through his visionary leadership, the President declared that the Baf be held every June to help entrench, promote and safeguard our arts sector.

15:13 – Minister of Environment, Climate and Hospital Industry, Cde Mangaliso Ndlovu takes to the podium, where he will talk about zimyami project.

15:11 – President Mnangagwa has risen and is leading the auditorium in dance (the famous ED dance), dancing to Nkwali’s performance, much to the excitement to everyone in attendance.

14:36 – The Bulawayo Arts Festival allows the city to showcase its rich history, diversity and cultural heritage. This festival will enable artist from across the country to showcase their works to both a local and global audience.

14:39 – I hope that from today the BAF will go from strength to strength. Bulawayo is already is host to two other events in the name of Intwasa and the Bulawayo Arts Awards. The province is endowed with a rich history and has managed to cement its place as the cultural capital.

14:42 – With these remarks’ baba, I welcome you to the city of Kings and Queens says Cde Ncube as she ends her speech.

Cde Judith Ncube

14:46 – President Mnangagwa and VP Chiwenga singing along to Black Umfolosi’s famous Unity song, with everyone in the auditorium cheering along.

14:54 – The city boasts of rich creative arts sector that is a magnet for talent and visitors across the globe thereby enhancing cultural economy.

The city’s cultural profile and vitality is second to none. Several artistic and cultural groups have emerged from the grassroots level, driven by community needs, entrepreneurship spirit and above all, love for the arts and culture.




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