Lizwile is for naysayers: Sandy

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Lizwile is for naysayers: Sandy Sandra Ndebele

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Sandra Ndebele

Sandra Ndebele

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
THE collaborative song, Lizwile, between Sandra Ndebele and Professor is according to the queen of dance a response to people who thought her marriage would fail.

Ndebele tied the knot with Nkanyiso Sibindi on January 16, 2011 during a colourful wedding in Bulawayo.

After seven years, Ndebele says their love is going strong.

With the month of love in full swing, Ndebele has decided to take advantage of all the hype and release the music video of Lizwile on Valentine’s Day.

Being a female celebrity, Ndebele has been in the thick of things after her fame was carved by raunchy dance moves she exhibited in the fledgling stages of her career. During that time she was called all sorts of names by the public. However, in defiance of all the criticism, Ndebele got hitched.

Last year, after rebranding herself and taking on a modern look, Ndebele penned the song Lizwile, whose lyrics are like a taunt to prophets of doom on her marriage.

Ndebele last year hinted that there were rumours circulating that her marriage was on the brink of collapse during the Sabela Music Live in BYO.

Seven years and three children later, Ndebele says the love she shares with her husband is growing strong as they were planning to renew their vows.

“Everyone always says so and so is divorcing or they’re cheating or fighting with their husband. In the song I’m asking people whether they’ve heard that my love and I aren’t divorcing. So I’m releasing the music video on Valentine’s Day and at the same time we’re renewing our vows. Our love is moving forward regardless of what people or relatives say.

Ndebele revealed that she has known her husband for 14 years.

“We met after high school and we started talking. But after that he went to the United Kingdom to study. During that time I was building my career as an artiste cum dancer. Then we reconnected and that led to our wedding day,” said Ndebele.

Lizwile is one of the collaborations Ndebele did last year as she worked with Afro pop musician Mzoe7, house musician Leeknotik and Zim dancehall star Tocky Vibes.

This was a precursor to her album which she promised fans would be released at the end of last year.

However, the album release has not come to fruition, something that Sandy says is because she does not want to rush things.

“The album will be released next year. I don’t want to rush the project and I want to take my time so that I release an album that is top quality,” said Ndebele.

She said the decision was made after the Professor collaboration which was an eye opener.

“Professor is very professional in how he does things. After working with him I saw that he took his time in doing things so that he gets a perfect product.

“The exposure I got out there showed me that things aren’t done haphazardly as we do in Zimbabwe. Look at the music video; we shot the first part in September after we recorded the song. Then other parts were recorded in South Africa and the last parts were done in December and now I’m releasing it in February,” said Ndebele.

Behind the scenes snaps that were shared by Ndebele of the music video have had fans giddy with excitement.

Award winning videographer Andy Cutta is the man behind the lens and shot all the music videos that Ndebele released last year such as Ingoma and Tshibikila.

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