Lockdown violator rams into police drums

08 Jan, 2021 - 00:01 0 Views
Lockdown violator rams into police drums File pic of a roadblock in Bulawayo

The Chronicle

Nelias Shiri, Chronicle Reporter
POLICE officers manning a roadblock in Bulawayo survived death by a whisker after a speeding motorist ploughed into barricades resulting in his car veering off the road and uprooting a street light.

The incident occurred on Wednesday night shortly before 10PM at the intersection of the Harare-Bulawayo Road and King George Avenue.

The vehicle was extensively damaged.

Busobuhlobo Moyo (28), who was not injured in the accident, was alone driving a Toyota whose model was not given when he rammed into drums mounted on the road.

Police said Moyo, travelling around 10PM in violation of the curfew which runs from 6PM and 6AM, was trying to evade police manning the roadblock when the accident occurred.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the accident yesterday, saying Moyo is now facing charges of driving without due care and attention.

He said Moyo was driving towards the city centre and upon approaching the roadblock, he miscalculated the distance resulting in him knocking down two police drums.

“Busobuhlobo Moyo was driving towards the city centre and when he approached a police-controlled roadblock, he hit two drums and lost control of the vehicle resulting in it veering off the road, in the process uprooting a street light,” said Insp Ncube.

The vehicle was extensively damaged together with the two drums.

Insp Ncube warned members of the public against violating lockdown regulations.

“We suspect the motorist was trying to avoid police officers manning the roadblock since he was driving during restricted hours. In fact, it appears he knew very well that it was an offence travelling during that time and it is therefore possible that he could have panicked resulting in the accident,” said Insp Ncube.

He urged members of the public to adhere to the lockdown regulations imposed by Government.

“As police we continue to urge people to stay at home except those categorised under essential services to curb the spread of the novel virus and save lives,” said Insp Ncube

During the lockdown, people not working in essential services are supposed to be confined to their homes and may only leave to buy basic necessities at a supermarket or food retail store, or fuel or gas at a fuel or gas retail outlet, within a radius not exceeding five kilometres or the nearest establishment if those within the radius are closed. — @waydenaido

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