Long periods of persistent negativity in trying to achieve essential goals in life Achievement

Some people failed at every educational level at school no matter how hard they tried, while others simply wasted their time and their parent’s money. The latter would resort to vulgar graffiti in toilets and buses and yet they would have no homework written in their books. So the graffiti we see in these places reveals how those perpetrators were brought up, usually they are emotionally disturbed people. These people develop anger and frustration. Every human being has needs and wants and some become scarred when failure becomes a part of their identity. Anger and other negative emotions develop as a result. Some fail in marriage and end up being married and divorced up to five times. These people can become envious of happily married couples because they have failed in that area.

People that were materially deprived as children
I call this the law of, “I never got it when I was a child.” It’s like a man who never had ice cream when he was a child. That man will find pleasure in eating lots of ice cream. Even if you see such people eating in a disorderly way, leave them, because the child that is in them is being healed. What they did not get when they were young, they tend to over-indulge in that same thing when they are now adults. Leave them to enjoy the things that they never had.

People who do not know their parents
It’s extremely important for single parents to let their children know who their father or mother is. Adults must put aside their grudges and differences with each other and allow children to meet and interact with their other parent. This fighting between adults destroys children. Even if your absent parent is in poverty you must get to know him or her and deal with that spirit of poverty. Do not pretend to be who you are not, acknowledge your blood. Some young people go as far as to make up a fake father. So when they are older nothing is serious in their lives. Even their spiritual father does not seem real to them and they struggle to receive help and listen to teachings.
God Bless . . .
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