Love in Braille, a track for the heartbroken

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Love in Braille, a track for the heartbroken Reezy

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Yvonne Ncube, Showbiz Reporter
WHILE many have failed to understand the language of love which has since gained the name “umjolo the pandemic”, Bulawayo artiste Emmanuel Nxongo (23) believes he’s got it figured out.

Through his track titled Love in Braille, the multi-talented artiste explains the simplicity of love which everyone believes is a poisoned chalice.

Popularly known by his stage names Reezy Terah or Emani Langa, the Afropop and RnB star changes personalities depending on the genre of the song.

Reezy said his track, which he released in March this year might have been greatly influenced by depression.

“They say love is blind and Braille is the language of the blind, so Love in Braille is just the language of love. It’s a typical teenage love story. It is about love, friendship, sex and heartbreaks, but mostly how love is a beautiful thing if you get the correct one. Love can be depressing and to beat the depression you have to reflect on the beautiful moments and move past the hardships. And yes, depression might have contributed a lot to the stories in Love in Braille. So I give this one to the heartbroken.

“I released my debut studio project this year in March. It is available on YouTube, Audio Mack music and a few songs available on other music digital platforms. Unfortunately there are no videos for the projects yet. The debut project has accumulated more than 4 000 plays over different platforms,” he said.

Reezy said his track is a story that most people can relate to.

“My track is like a story and it starts from when you have a crush on someone and actually pursuing them. Then it goes to warning the girl child about umjolo the pandemic. It moves to sharing advice on adoring, loving your partner and promising them everything they want. It moves to the bedroom moments then lastly the break up and hurting,” he said.

Reezy said his love for music is triggered by pure passion.

“When I am just chilling, I find myself creating melodies in my head. I have nothing that I can really say pushed me into music but music is something I was born with or born into because I come from a musical family. My maternal family are well known singers at church. Personally I’m not a fan of gospel music, so they called me the black sheep, that’s when I found myself in a circle that does contemporary music.

“DJ Chrxn introduced me to people who know people and I was glad to share musical notes with the likes of Garry Mapanzure, Ishan,  R.Peelz, Takura, Gemma Griffiths and Pro Beatz before his stardom. They taught me how to handle myself as an artiste and also the business side of music since I’m an independent artiste,” Reezy said.

He started music in 2016 and is a fourth year Civil Engineering student at the National University of Science and Technology (Nust). — @SeehYvonne

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