Love on the rocks – Bulawayo Private Investigator catches cheaters for diasporan clients

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, [email protected]

INSPIRED by shows like the infamous Cheaters, Nkosentsha Mlilo, a security professional from Bulawayo’s Entumbane suburb, has taken a unique turn in his career path.

He’s transformed his security company, RSG (founded in 2011), into a full-fledged private investigation service specialising in catching cheaters.

This unexpected shift caters to a specific clientele — Zimbabweans living abroad, often seeking a better life for their families. Partners left behind can sometimes stray, seeking companionship or “friends with benefits”.

Mlilo explains that, in these cases, the hard-earned money sent home from overseas might not be going where it’s intended.

Unassuming and middle-aged, Mlilo isn’t your typical private eye. But beneath the simple exterior lies a keen mind for uncovering the unseen. While infidelity cases dominate his daily workload, RSG also offers its services to corporations grappling with internal issues like financial embezzlement, abuse of power and sexual harassment.

Mlilo’s company goes undercover, acting as the extra set of eyes businesses need to expose hidden wrongdoing.

“Most of our clients are those based in the diaspora, maybe because they can afford to meet our demands. We get jobs from both men and women who may be suspecting that their partners are cheating,” said Mlilo.

His reach extends internationally, with clients in New Zealand, Jamaica, USA, England, South Africa, China and Zimbabwe.

“We have successfully carried out our assignments where the client is left fully satisfied. Yes, sometimes we meet obstacles, especially when the person of interest is a high-ranking person or is cheating with a high-ranking individual, but we still manage to navigate our way until victory,” said Mlilo.

Once a target is identified, RSG deploys a team to conduct discreet surveillance. This involves observing the target’s routine, including departure times from home, companions, destinations and phone call frequency. If the person of interest is employed, the team might first monitor their lunch break duration before following them further.

“The job is not an easy one. We have discovered a lot of things about infidelity and it’s not only those with partners in the diaspora, even someone who lives with her husband or his wife right here in Zimbabwe. Lunch times are the most utilised periods by married people,” he said.

Mlilo revealed that his local clientele includes a surprising mix — politicians, high-ranking business executives and even industry leaders, with both men and women seeking his services. Interestingly, most female clients reside in Harare while their targets are often located in Bulawayo.

To handle these diverse cases, Mlilo has assembled a dedicated team of 10 detectives who operate around the clock. 

However, he acknowledges the inherent risks of his profession. Uncovering infidelity can be dangerous, and exposure could even lead to violence.

Mlilo stresses the value of discretion; many clients never meet him in person, a strategy that bolsters his anonymity and protects his team.

“Most of the time I make sure that I disguise myself as much as possible. The job is very sensitive, but adventurous at the same time. One needs to be extra careful and well connected too to navigate the terrain,” he said.


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