Luca, a must not watch movie for kids

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Luca, a must not watch movie for kids

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Tafadzwa Muronzwa

Most parents tend to leave their children to watch anything on the Cartoon Network or any kids movie, knowing they are not being exposed to adult content which is usually loaded with violence, foul language and sex.

But gone are the days when all cartoons were innocent and clean without any agendas entwined in the movie. Enter Luca, a kids movie, with a mission to encourage kids to disobey their parents and to come out of the closet about been gay and not to fear anyone.

The movie is about people and sea monsters who live in secret, under the sea, hiding from the rest of the world, but living their life to the fullest.

The main character in the movie is an energetic fish-boy named Luca. Luca is a deviant that wants to explore the world outside the sea.

His parents keep telling him never to leave the sea world (coming out of the closet) because people will see that he is different from the rest of the boys. When his mother discovered that Luca had already ventured out of the sea for a short time, she sends the fish-boy to the Deep – a horrible place of self-denial, but Luca bluntly disobeys his own mother’s word and instruction.

Luca feels betrayed by his family, but quickly finds support from another member of the sea community, a character called Alberto, who has been out of the closet for a while. Alberto believes there is nothing wrong with being gay and encourages Luca to embrace the fact that he is different.

Luca uses Alberto as inspiration to come out of the closet.

For a country that frowns upon homosexuality, Luca is one movie that parents should not let their kids watch. It promotes homosexuality and there is a danger that it can be used to convert children to homosexuality.

The movie has received mixed feelings on twitter – some say it is a good movie, others condemn it for promoting homosexuality.

Another Disney cartoon to take note of is The Owl House which has the first bisexual character. Release date was 10 January 2020.

We are changed by beholding, parents and guardians are therefore advised to protect their children from Luca and like movies.

But this is my opinion, you obviously have yours. Watch it and decide what to do with it before you let your kids watch it.

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