Mahachi in violation of Fifa statutes

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Mahachi in violation of Fifa statutes Xolisani Gwesela

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Xolisani Gwesela

Xolisani Gwesela

Sikhumbuzo Moyo Senior Sports Reporter
The previous Zifa executive committee allowed player intermediary Gibson Mahachi to operate as manager of national team coach Callisto Pasuwa in sharp violation of standing Fifa statutes on the regulations on working with intermediaries, previously known as player agents.

Mahachi, whose relationship with the association were strained last week after the brief sacking of Pasuwa, has suddenly become an all too powerful agent who even has the audacity of demanding an apology from the national association that grants him a licence to operate as an intermediary.

Zifa accuses Mahachi of a conflict of interest as he manages Pasuwa and some players in the national team. Fifa takes great exception to the violation of its code of ethics, a position that has since led to an eight-year suspension of its president Sepp Blatter and his Uefa counterpart Michel Platini despite the duo not having violated any football statutes.

“Mahachi was authorised by the association, he applied to the Zifa chief executive officer for an operating authority and was granted,” said the association’s communications manager Xolisani Gwesela.

Asked to explain how Mahachi got the licence when he was in clear violation of Article Four of the regulations on working with intermediaries, Gwesela refused to comment.

“I can’t comment on that one,” he said.

Article Four (requisite for registration of player intermediaries) reads:

“In addition to the information provided to the relevant association by the player or the club under article 3 above, and before the relevant intermediary can be registered, the association concerned will at least have to be satisfied that the intermediary involved has an impeccable reputation. If the intermediary concerned is a legal person, the association responsible for registering the transaction will also have to be satisfied that the individuals representing the legal entity within the scope of the transaction in question have an impeccable reputation. Associations must also be satisfied that in carrying out his activities, the Intermediary contracted by a club and/or a player has no contractual relationship with leagues, associations, confederations or Fifa that could lead to a potential conflict of interest. Intermediaries are precluded from implying, directly or indirectly, that such a contractual relationship with leagues, associations, confederations or Fifa exists in connection with their activities.

With Zifa accepting Mahachi as Pasuwa’s representative, it means the player intermediary has a relationship with the national association, itself a violation of the Fifa code of ethics Article 19, the very same code that got Blatter and Platini punished.

“When performing an activity for Fifa or before being elected or appointed, persons bound by this Code shall disclose any personal interests that could be linked with their prospective activities.

“Persons bound by this Code shall avoid any situation that could lead to conflicts of interest. Conflicts of interest arise if persons bound by this Code have, or appear to have, private or personal interests that detract from their ability to perform their duties with integrity in an independent and purposeful manner.

“Private or personal interests include gaining any possible advantage for the persons bound by this Code themselves, their family, relatives, friends and acquaintances. Persons bound by this Code may not perform their duties in cases with an, existing or potential conflict of interest.

“Any such conflict shall be immediately disclosed and notified to the organization for which the person bound by this Code performs his duties,” reads Article 19 of the ethics code.

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