Mai Chisamba Show …Will go on as long as I live, says Dr Chisamba

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Mai Chisamba Show …Will go on as long as I live, says Dr Chisamba Dr Rebecca Chisamba

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Tonderai Zvimba, Showbiz Reporter

VETERAN talk show host Dr Rebecca Chisamba says her long running TV show, the Mai Chisamba Show, will go on as long as she is alive.

In an interview, Dr Chisamba who was in Bulawayo at the Amphitheatre on Tuesday where she shot two episodes on Vuzu parties, said her show will continue as long as she is alive.

“For as long as I live, I’ll continue doing the Mai Chisamba Show. The show is very close to my heart and I feel that if I stop doing it, I’d have betrayed a lot of people who also love and follow it religiously.

“The good thing about this show is that I just talk, unlike musicians who require a lot of energy to perform on stage,” she said.

The Mai Chisamba Show is one of the longest running programmes on ZBCtv. 

Interestingly, it still commands a huge following and Dr Chisamba said the reason behind this major success is that she consistently delivers valuable content to her audience.

“I believe the long success of the Mai Chisamba Show is a result of delivering valuable content to the viewers. I make sure we move with the times so as to stay relevant. 

“The reason why some shows do not last is because their main focus will be on making money but that’s not the case with me.  What I seek is to add value first in people’s lives with what I do,” said Dr Chisamba.

In Bulawayo, she tackled the burning issue of Vuzu parties which she said everyone has a role to play.

“The question people should be asking themselves now is ‘what am I going to do to stop these Vuzu parties?’ 

“It’s late for people to be blaming the parents and police . . .” she said as she addressed her audience. 

Dr Chisamba said one thing she has learnt in her entire media career is to focus on positive things as there will always be people who say negative things.

“One thing I’ve learnt in my career is to always focus on the positive things. I believe that’s one thing that has brought me this far as people love the fact that I’m always positive minded.”

Dr Chisamba said through her show, she is getting invites from the diaspora.

“This year, I was in Australia and did shows in Perth and Sydney. Last year I did a show in Birmingham and all this has been made possible because of the Mai Chisamba Show.

Despite the success of her show, Dr Chisamba said putting the show together comes with a lot of pressure as she always has to be up to date with current affairs.

“The show keeps me on my toes as I have to be up to date with what’s happening in the country. I spend a lot of time researching on the Internet in order to remain relevant. 

“Also, we produce the show on our own as Chisamba Productions and I have to make sure everything is going accordingly.”

Dr Chisamba who is 67-years-old now, said she always makes time for family as it is very important.

“As much as I spend most of my time working, I make sure that I make time for family. I’m a wife to Mr Chisamba, a mother and grandmother so I try to spend as much time as I can with my family. 

“I don’t want a situation whereby when I’m gone, my grandchildren or children will say I didn’t have time for them.”

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