Make-up artist redefines menstruation

21 Sep, 2022 - 13:09 0 Views
Make-up artist redefines menstruation Alleta Nonhlanhla Nyathi

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Yvonne Ncube, Showbiz Correspondent

A LOCAL make-up artist Alleta Nonhlanhla Nyathi has created a menstruation box that consists of the essential needs of women during that time, in an attempt to redefine the monthly cycle.

Women, according to Nyathi, should be cherished every day of the month, including during menstruation, hence why she believes they should be spoilt.

She said as a person that dislikes that time of the month, she came up with this initiative to try to brighten up women so as to change things for the next woman.

“I’m one of those women who never looks forward to getting their menstruation. I don’t like getting my period. Due to my dislike for my period days, I decided to offer the next woman something different, something to look forward to when they are having their period. “Menstruation is associated with pains, cramps, and moods so when they have something to look forward to, it just makes the whole situation better.



“A period box doesn’t take away the pain or the cramps, but it brings a smile to a woman’s face during that particular time. Imagine when someone is moody and they receive the period box, they automatically smile, and their mood swings will just disappear temporarily. The goal is to encourage men to love their women even if they are on their menstrual days. Women should feel appreciated by their spouses, boyfriends, or whatever the situation may be,” Nyathi said.

Nyathi said a standard box consists of two packs of pads and snacks.

“Women love food so I knew I had to add snacks and that was a must-add. I’ve been doing marketing on social media and people have been responsive to the idea. The women may not receive the box every month, but that one time or every now and then, makes the situation a whole lot different,” she said.

She said women brighten up when she delivers these boxes to them.

“I usually capture moments of women when they receive their period boxes, they just brighten up. I want to see happy women throughout the month. Women shouldn’t only be happy on non-period days.”

Alleta Nonhlanhla Nyathi

Interestingly, she said the most amazing thing is that men now know the type of pads their women use and their days also.

“I hear them when they make their bookings saying ‘organise one for the 13th or 19th’, this is really amazing. It shows that the narrative is changing. It shows that men now appreciate their women throughout the month even during that phase,” Nyathi said.

“I’m trying to redefine menstruation as it’s been stereotyped in so many ways. So I’m trying to normalise the existence of period through the period box. If there are women like me who don’t look forward to it, the possibility of getting a period box might change the scenario,” she said.


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