Makeup artist comes of age Progress Manduna

Mbulelo Mpofu, [email protected]

WHAT do Mai TT, Madam Boss, Lorraine Guyo, and Sandra Ndebele-Sibindi have in common? Along with their undeniable appeal, they stand out from the majority of women because of their exquisite aesthetic taste.

Local makeup artist Progress Manduna, who thinks her labour in the industry has seen her earn her position as a force to conjure up, has managed the appearance of all of them.

Manduna has gotten better and better since launching the Bliss Hair and Beauty and Trend Mart Collections in 2016. She described to Chronicle Showbiz her road to being one of the precinct’s most sought-after makeup artists.

Mai TT

“Growing up, I was fascinated with make up as any girl can be when they play with their dolls. This was until I was in my teenage years that I discovered that this wasn’t your normal liking for makeup but was rather an obsession. Since then, I haven’t looked back,” she said.

Apart from being a beautician, experienced cosmetologist, hairdresser and nail technician, her work has seen her venture into the nascent SFX make-up. 

Fiction film enthusiasts may be well-versed with this type of make-up which has a pulsating effect on viewers. 

Madam Boss

This is something that Manduna has mastered. 

Special effects make-up, or SFX make-up, is the art of using prosthetics, make-up and other materials to create illusions that appear to be real on camera and Manduna seems to have tapped into this kind of artistry with ease.

She told this publication that chief among her high-profile clientele was socialite, Madam Boss.

“In 2019, I got to meet Madam Boss and was fascinated by her, reason being she’s a great content creator who appears frequently on social media and my work on her made me popular among her friends, thereby culminating in a boost for my business,” she shared.

Over the years, Bulawayo has overseen the rise of make-up artists who have gone to impress in corridors beyond our borders.

One such artist is Elinah “Boss Lady” Mangena and her work on popular South African actress Mapaseka Koetle popularly known for her role as “Dintle” on the soapie Scandal has cemented the city’s proverbial artistic benchmark. — @MbuleloMpofu

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