Makho shares Hollywood experiences

12 Jan, 2019 - 00:01 0 Views
Makho shares Hollywood experiences Makho Ndlovu

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Tonderai Zvimba, Showbiz Reporter
US-based Zimbabwean TV personality Makho Ndlovu appeared at Paper Bag Africa’s Unheard Series yesterday at Ster-Kinekor as she interacted and shared her experiences working in Hollywood with showbiz people in Bulawayo.

Makho Ndlovu is the first personality to appear in the Unheard series which features successful individuals in various industries like entertainment, sport and business. The individuals are invited to come and share their success stories and experiences in their industries with people who are involved in that particular industry and those aspiring to make it in that industry.

The TV personality shared her story about how she moved to the United States at the age of nine and the experiences she encountered being a girl from Zimbabwe who is introduced to the western culture and her struggles trying to blend into that society.

“I knew from a tender age that I wanted to venture into the entertainment industry but I studied business administration at college as a backup plan and after that I got a job that I was not interested in and after some time I got laid off and I actually celebrated that and that’s when I started blogging,” said Ndlovu.

Ndlovu started blogging and writing African stories and submitting them to some big publications in USA and since then she has grown her brand as she has worked with huge American media networks like BET, Essence, and Amazon.

The celebrity reporter urged those who were in attendance to embrace their uniqueness as it is what makes one to stand out.

“I turned the fact that I am a Zimbabwean to my advantage and I did not change my name I am still Makho Ndlovu and it has really made me stand out in the US,” she said.

Ndlovu also emphasised on the utilisation of social media saying people should take advantage of it and should consistently post whatever they do online as they might never know who is watching. She said she has got some jobs in the past after posting her work online.

“This is the greatest time to be in Zimbabwe and to be an African as the world is looking into Africa talent. I was recently in South Africa and there was a media company which said they are very much interested working with Zimbabwean talent,” she said.

Ndlovu also brought with her a Universal music executive who shared some musical knowledge on how artistes could market their music online and to take advantage of the digital era.

“This was probably one of the best experiences of my life this was such a blessed day and I would like to thank Gilmore Tee and the Paper Bag Africa team who put this up together and everyone who showed up. This is such a great way to start my 2019 and it gives me so much confidence to know that I have a lot of people who love me back home and I would like to this more often,” said Ndlovu.

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