Man allegedly rapes mentally challenged stepdaughter

30 Apr, 2012 - 00:04 0 Views

The Chronicle

He was not formally charged and was remanded in custody to 9 May.

The court advised him to apply to the High Court for bail.

Mr Malvern Nzombe, for the State, told the court that the complainant, who is 27 years old, is a patient at Ingutsheni Central Hospital.

The man is in love with her mother. He stays in Sauerstown.

Sometime in February this year, the man, who had a delivery to make in Victoria Falls, took her with him.

On their way back to Bulawayo, the court heard that the man stopped the vehicle and parked it off the road.

It is alleged that he raped her once using a condom before they drove off to Bulawayo.

Sometime in March, the woman tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose of tablets.

The woman was then taken to Ingutsheni Central Hospital by the stepfather and on their arrival at the institution, the sister-in-charge asked the stepfather why the woman took an overdose of tablets and he allegedly told her that she had been upset by her mother who was querying why she had gone with him to Victoria Falls.

When the woman was questioned about the issue, she said she was in love with the stepfather and that they had protected intercourse once.

The hospital then referred her to the Department of Social Welfare and the department referred the matter to the police, leading to the stepfather’s arrest.

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