Man arrested for possession of a live pangolin

Kudzai Gaveni, Online Writer

A MAN was arrested in possession of a live pangolin worth US$5 000 at his house.

In a statement on X (Twitter), police said Tawanda Kakora (24) was arrested in Mt Darwin on Saturday by detectives who pretended to be buyers.

The pangolin was recovered in St. Albert’s area where detectives acted upon information they received on the case.

“On 30/09/23, the detectives in Mount Darwin acted on the received information and arrested Tawanda Kakora (24) in connection with a case of possession of a live Pangolin. The suspect was keeping the Pangolin at his house while looking for a potential buyer.”

“Resultantly, the detectives pretended to be buyers and proceeded to St. Albert’s area where they recovered a live Pangolin valued at US$5 000,” reads the statement.

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