Man assaults, head-butts ‘cheating’ girlfriend

Nomvelo Siziba, Chronicle Reporter 

A man from Jambezi, outside Victoria Falls has appeared in court for assaulting his girlfriend with a switch before head-butting her for cheating on him with other men.

Jefati Munkombwe (61) assaulted Ms Florida Moyo (49) with a switch several times on the back and struck her three times on the left arm with a stick before head-butting her four times accusing her of cheating on him.

Munkombwe pleaded not guilty to assault when he appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Ms Lindiwe Maphosa.

He told court that Ms Moyo and him have been dating for eight years. 

Munkombwe said Ms Moyo grabbed him by the collar when he asked her where she was coming from.

“I did not assault her with a switch or stick. I only head-butted her as self-defence. She was holding me by the collar so I had to push her towards a tree and head-butted her so she could release me.

 She was angry when I asked her where she was coming from. She had told me that she was sick but when I went to look for her, the children told me she was not around only to come the next day being dropped by a truck driven by a man who works at ZimParks,” said Munkombwe.

Ms Maphosa remanded Munkombwe out of custody on his own cognisance to tomorrow. 

For the State, Mr Onias Nyathi said Munkombwe assaulted Ms Moyo accusing her of cheating on him. @nomvelosiziba

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