Man gets 18 years for stabbing ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend

Patrick Chitumba,[email protected]

A JEALOUS man from Mberengwa District in the Midlands Province who fatally stabbed a rival suitor with a knife two years ago following a feud over a woman who had ditched him has been sentenced to an effective 18 years in jail.

Hardlife Mudzingwa of Duna Village under Chief Mataruse killed Blessing Mxotshwa of Number 2 Village 19, Tokwe Valley in Shurugwi a week after his ex-girlfriend, Alice Makonese ditched him.

Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Bongani Ndlovu who is on circuit in Gweru convicted Mudzingwa, Mberengwa, of murder with constructive intent.

Mudzingwa had tendered a plea of not guilty.

In passing the sentence, Justice Ndlovu condemned Mudzingwa’s conduct saying he deserved a lengthy prison term.

“The conduct of the accused was deplorable and lacking maturity. It appears the use of lethal weapons is now being normalised in the Midlands province hence the need to nip it in the bud

“An innocent life was unnecessarily lost and courts have time and again bemoaned loss of life through violence. For all these reasons, I find the following sentence appropriate, the accused is sentenced to 18 years imprisonment,” he ruled.

Justice Ndlovu said Mudzingwa should have simply respected Makonese’s choice and moved on with his life.

Prosecuting, Ms Chipo Hungwe said on April 8, 2022, at stand number 15, Village 14 in Tokwe 3, Valley in Shurugwi, Mudzingwa had an altercation with the deceased resulting in stabling him with a homemade knife on the collarbone and left shoulder.

According to a post-mortem report, which was submitted by the State, the cause of death was due to assault, haemorrhagic shock, penetrating abdominal wound, and perforated lower abdominal aorta.

In her testimony, Makonese said she had ended her relationship with Mudzingwa and was now in a new relationship with Mxotshwa, which irked Mudzingwa.

She told the court that on the fateful day at about 3pm, she met the now deceased at Baba Nigel’s homestead and the two proceeded together to her house where they slept.

Makonese heard someone trying to open the door but failed since the door was locked.

She said the intruder then entered the house through the window.

Makonese told the court that she realised that it was Mudzingwa whom she ordered to leave since they were no longer in a relationship.

The court heard that Mudzingwa forced his way into the bedroom and had a scuffle with Mxotshwa and he overpowered him.

“He took out a homemade knife from his pocket and tried to stab Mxotshwa, but Makonese grabbed the knife by the blade, and her palms were cut. She jumped out of the house through the window,” said Ms Hungwe.

Makonese informed her neighbour Laiza Kombora before she returned home to collect her child and found Mxotshwa’s body lying in a pool of blood.

She took her child and proceeded to Ishmael Mudzana’s homestead where she informed him of the incident.

 The two made a report to the police leading to the arrest of Mudzingwa.

Mudzingwa was represented by Mr Tafadzwa Komboni of Jumo Mashoko and Partners.

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