Man killed for reprimanding foul-mouthed friend Inspector Glory Banda

Flora Fadzai Sibanda, Chronicle Reporter

A NKAYI man who allegedly killed his friend by plunging a home-made knife into his head following an argument has been arrested.

The incident occurred at the Old Nkayi Shopping Centre on 16 October.

Matabeleland North Police spokesperson Glory Banda confirmed the murder of Constant Jambo Nyathi (36) and the arrest of Melusi Trust Msipha for the murder.

The two were in the company of Mr Joshua Mafutha, a friend to both the deceased and accused eating isitshwala at the Centre when a fourth unnamed friend to Nyathi joined them.

Nyathi is said to have told his two friends that he had been best friends with the unnamed friend for a very long time when they used to work in Bulawayo as touts.

The unidentified friend and Nyathi started joking around using vulgar language.

A scuffle ensued when Msipha reprimanded Nyathi for using vulgar words. Nyathi and Mafutha explained to Msipha that Nyathi and the unidentified friend are only playing and that is what they always do when together.

Msipha threatened to beat Nyathi and Nyathi is said to have responded by saying there was no way such a small boy like Msipha would beat him up.

Nyathi finished his isitshwala and made his way to a nearby tap so he could wash his hands while Msipha remained on the benches and Mafutha made his way to his car.

“Allegations are that Msipha charged towards Nyathi carrying a home-made knife, Mafutha realised his intentions and shouted to Nyathi trying to warn him but was too late as Msipha stabbed Nyathi on his head with the knife and left it deep inside before running away,” said Inspector Banda.

Mafutha rushed Nyathi to Nkayi Hospital and he was pronounced dead.

Police immediately attended the scene after Mafutha informed them and arrested Nyathi.

The accused was arrested the same day and has been in custody of police.

The police are appealing to members of the public to respect life.

“People should not find it easy to take life after an argument. The long arm of the law will always catch up with everyone who does this,” said Inspector Banda.


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