Man sues wife for maintenance arrears

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Man sues wife for maintenance arrears

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Yemurai Ushamba, Chronicle Reporter
AN unemployed Bulawayo man has dragged his estranged wife to court after she defaulted in paying him $20 monthly maintenance.

Mr Nyamanzi Dube approached the court seeking a garnishee order. He said he was granted the maintenance order because he was unemployed and his health had deteriorated since he had eye problems.

Mr Dube also said Emma Dube owes him $40 in arrears. “She was ordered to pay $20 for my upkeep in January 2018 but has defaulted for the month of February and March. She is in arrears of $40. I request that the money for the arrears and current maintenance be deducted from her salary,” he said.

Mrs Dube in her defence said she had been struggling with paying school fees for the two months.

She agreed to have the money garnished from her salary.

“Your worship, I did not default paying him by choice. I was struggling to pay school fees for the two months. You can process the garnishee order,” she said.

Bulawayo magistrate Ms Adelaide Mbeure ordered Mrs Dube to pay $20 for the upkeep of her husband plus $40 arrears through a garnishee order.

“The garnishee order has been granted due to non-payment of maintenance. You will pay $20 plus $40 arrears and the money will be deducted from your salary,” she said.

Mrs Dube was ordered to pay temporary maintenance of $20 for six months for the upkeep of her husband in January 2018.

The maintenance was granted for six months to give Dube time to find a job or start a project.

Meanwhile, an elderly woman from Bulawayo has dragged her husband to the Maintenance Court seeking $200 in spousal maintenance.

Mrs Christina Nkomo (71) told the court that her husband Patrick Nkomo — whose age was not given in court — was irresponsible.

Mrs Nkomo was demanding $200 for her upkeep from her husband.

She said Mr Nkomo, a pensioner, was not giving her any money.

“Your worship, he hardly gives me cash and he does not buy groceries for me. I am demanding $200 a month for my upkeep since our children are now adults. He does not take care of me,” she said.

In response, Mr Nkomo said his wife was lying as he always buys groceries.

He said he could not afford $200.

“I take care of her, I don’t know why she had to disgrace herself by coming to court and lay our dirty laundry to the public. I always buy her groceries. $200 is too much for me, I can only afford to give her $40 a month for her upkeep,” he said.

Bulawayo magistrate Mr Collen Chiruma ordered Nkomo to pay $40 for the upkeep of his wife.

“Spousal maintenance is hereby granted at the sum of $40 a month. You are ordered to deposit $40 in her account every month,” he said.

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