Man tries to burn lover to death Chief Inspector Precious Simango

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Reporter

A MAN from Bulawayo’s Emakhandeni suburb allegedly torched his lover’s house after failing to burn her alive upon dousing her with petrol on Christmas Eve following a scuffle over relish.

Jabulani Mafu (47) a live-in boyfriend to Ms Malelewo Mathema (45) is alleged to have become violent after she served him relish he disliked.

It could not be established yesterday what relish Mafu was served.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Chief Inspector Precious Simango said the relish sparked the fight between the two live-in lovers.

“We are investigating a case where a 47-year-old man is said to have poured petrol on his girlfriend aged 45 years, both from Emakhandeni suburb. The suspect is said to have been infuriated by the relish his girlfriend served him. The suspect who is on the run is said to have stormed out of the house before returning with a five litre container which had petrol. He is alleged to have poured the petrol on her. She however managed to overpower him to escape from the house,” said Chief Insp Simango.

She said after her escape, Mafu poured the petrol on property in the house before setting the property alight.

Chief Insp Simango said in the process R6 000, US$200 and $280 was lost to fire.

“Other household properties that include a bed, a sofa, refrigerator, home theatre set, clothes among other things were burnt,” said Chief  Insp Simango.

She urged members of the public to solve their differences amicably.

A Chronicle news crew yesterday visited the house and found it deserted.

The burnt property was removed from the house and left outside.

Their neighbour, Mr Abednico Ngulube said it was not the first time for Mafu to be violent.

“It is being claimed that the fight was over relish but I suspect it was over money. Their relationship had seriously soured and we recently advised her to report him to the police. She no longer wanted him, ubegciniwe (she took care of him) but he was refusing to leave. It’s not shocking to learn that he wanted to kill her, he was very violent. The previous day they had fought over money. I know he forcefully took US$10 from her on that day which he spent on alcohol before coming to cause violence that same night,” said Mr Ngulube.-@nqotshili

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