Management committed to promoting women to top positions staff at the old nic mine pose for a picture

For the past six years, Ms Hlengiwe Siziba’s day involves working in the Gold Extraction Department at Old Nic Mine, as an Assistant Reduction Officer, leading a team of 64 men.

In her 18 years’ experience working in the mining industry, which is male dominated, Ms Siziba has enjoyed support from her colleagues and subordinates, despite the fact that some men have bad perceptions about being led by a woman due to cultural backgrounds.

Ms Siziba is one of the 420 workers employed by Old Nic Mine, of which women constitute 10 percent of the workforce.

She has proven that if given the opportunity, women can rise to the occasion and be counted among men. Ms Siziba appreciates the opportunity she has been given by the Old Nic Mine management, which has seen her continue to excel in her profession against all odds.

“I started working at this mine six years ago and I must say when I started, it was difficult for me to get used to working with only men around, but they accommodate me as a colleague. Only a few resented my presence mainly due to personal backgrounds and cultural stereotypes. However, as of now, I feel that there is no difference between men and women while at work,” said Ms Siziba.

She said the mine, which recently celebrated five million fatality-free worked hours through management commitment has made it easy for the employees to carry out their duties safely through employee participation, training, adequate person Protective Equipment (PPE) and systems implementation.

Another woman employed at the mine, Ms Tione Kishombe, a Human Resources Officer, said she faced difficulties working in a male-dominated environment, but management support and systems set at the mine helped her to settle well in her role. She appreciated the management’s drive to promote women to management positions, to which she is a testimony.

Ms Kishombe encouraged young women to seek adequate career guidance and choose occupations in mining, where women are generally few.


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