Market Dreams set for Intwasa Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu

Natasha Mutsiba, [email protected] 

THE Intwasa Arts Festival KoBulawayo, the highly anticipated annual event celebrating arts and culture, is set to showcase a captivating play titled Market Dreams on September 28 at Bulawayo Theatre at 6pm.

The play, which sheds light on the issue of youth unemployment in African countries, aims to explore the struggles faced by school dropouts, failed graduates, and individuals striving to make ends meet.

The storyline of the play revolves around four young individuals who have chosen to trade their qualifications for a life of survival on the streets. 

These self-proclaimed entrepreneurs engage in a daily game of cat and mouse with the municipality to sustain their livelihoods.

The play will be starring Kumbilani Ncube, Rejoice Zivengwa, Mzingaye Ngwabi, Linet Maphosa, Thembela Hlambelo and Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu.

Kumbilani Ncube

Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu, the production manager and the director of Market Dreams, revealed that the inspiration for the play came during the lockdown period.

“The inspiration behind the creation of the play was during lockdown when my friends and I started selling basic commodities at the famous 6th Ave and Fort Street market place in Bulawayo dodging the municipality every now and then. That whole experience triggered my creative juices to say maybe these are stories to write about and share with the world the experiences” said Ndlovu.

When asked what the message the play carries, Ndlovu said it will provide a comedic and thought-provoking experience for the viewers.

“Every play ever written for stage is meant to leave the audience with something to think about and or to reflect from. 

“Market Dreams does the justice of leaving the audience in stitches as well as giving them a whole plate of food for thought” she said.

Ndlovu said the play does relate to the theme of the Intwasa  Festival which is Imagine It! Experience It!

“The play brings a whole marketplace live on stage for a live audience for them to imagine what the people in the market places are going through, what they are celebrating and what life means to them. 

“Surely they will experience the play brought to them by a lively, young and energetic cast” said Ndlovu.

The play will also be featured at the Mitambo International Theatre Festival on September 27 in Harare. — @TashaMutsiba.

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