Maskiri back with new album

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Maskiri back with new album Maskiri

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Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent 

SOUTH AFRICA-based wordsmith, Maskiri, has dropped a new album titled, Come Back as he seeks to re-enter the local music scene after being quiet for some time.

The 10-track album features Nox in a song called Ndiregerere and tracks Pajoni, N’anga, Mukoma Joze, Ambuya, Mabhuru, Panotisa and Huya Tisangane. 

Come Back is Maskiri’s sixth album after New Look which was released in 2011. His other albums include Muviri Wese (2003), Blue Movie (2005), Tapinda Tapinda (2007) and Ndo Taundi Yacho (2009).

Since 2011, he had been releasing singles.

According to the artiste, this album, which will be availed on digital platforms iTunes, Spotify and YouTube, is meant to show people that he has studied the music game and is ready to regain his fame. 

“I haven’t been active in the music scene for all these years as I’ve been studying the music industry. I now know what’s going on and how best to strike that’s why I’ve dropped this album,” said Maskiri.

The 39-year-old musician who in his early 20s, gave Zimbabweans songs such as Zverudo, Dhara Rangu and Wenera, has been in Mzansi for the past five years. He said the tracks on the new offering were social commentary.

“The songs touch on things that we see and tackle in society every day. I sing about how people treat their wives and the way people are now in illicit relationships among other topical issues.”

Maskiri is an artiste who is known for controversy as during his heydays, he released an album titled Blue Movie in 2005 which was banned by radio stations then for having highly explicit lyrics. After seeing the error of his youthful ways Maskiri said he has two versions of his latest album, one that is family friendly and another for those who enjoy his raw lyrics.

“I’ve got two versions of the album, one that’s radio friendly and another raw and uncut for the streets because I want to cater for both audiences.”

Last year, announcing his comeback, Maskiri said he was working on an album Serious Business. This album however failed to materialise as Maskiri felt people in Zimbabwe were too distracted by elections and other things to afford time to listen to his music.

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