Masvingo poison mum ‘a serial killer’

Mourners gather at Mbhiza homestead

Walter Mswazie Masvingo Correspondent
A WOMAN feared to have poisoned to death her two children and their cousin killed TWO other babies in the last three years, according to shock new revelations.Angeline Mabhiza, 32, of Nago 1 Village under Headman Nemarundwi in Zimuto, Masvingo Province, died on Monday, it is believed after consuming a pesticide which she had used to kill the three children.

A mass burial was being held yesterday for tragic death of Farai, 2, Taurai, 6, and their cousin, Leon Mabhiza, 7.

Farai, according to relatives, was found dead by pupils from Nemarundwi Secondary School while Leon, Angeline and Taurai were alive but frothing from the poison while lying down at the homestead.

The four pupils had visited the homestead intending to ask for water to drink.

It is suspected that Angeline used a chemical used on cotton to terminate the children’s lives and hers. Yesterday, grieving relatives said Angeline was on two occasions charged with infanticide after dumping her two new-born babies in 2011 and 2012.

A grief-stricken Martha Mabhiza, 51, aunt to Angeline, said her niece led a controversial life because of her history of dumping her babies.

She said although Angeline had not shown any signs of mental illness, she had developed into a “dangerous” woman with no love for children.

“She worked as a maid in Gweru in 2011 and got pregnant before giving birth to a baby girl. We don’t know what went into her mind and she just dumped the baby in the bush,” Martha told Chronicle.

“After dumping the baby, she left for home and when she was asked what had happened to the pregnancy she professed ignorance.”

Martha said a report was made to the police leading to her arrest. She said Angeline escaped a custodial sentence when a magistrate slapped her with seven months in prison, which was commuted to community service.

Angeline’s uncle, Luis Mabhiza, said her niece fell pregnant again in 2012 while staying with her widowed mother in Nago Village.

“She gave birth but strangled the baby before attempting to burn it next to a neighbour’s homestead,” he said. “While we are mourning the death of Angeline and the three children, we should tell the truth about her character.”

Luis said Angeline was arrested on the second killing and appeared in court where she was convicted for infanticide and given a suspended sentence by a Gutu magistrate.

The quartet was due for burial late yesterday and Headman Nago, in a telephone conversation, said the delay in burial was due to the late arrival of Leon’s mother, who lives in Zaka. He said villagers had to guard the graves overnight after they were dug the previous day.

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