Mbo Mahocs back on local TV

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Mbo Mahocs back on local TV Gilmore Tee and Mbo Mahocs

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Gilmore Tee and Mbo Mahocs

Gilmore Tee and Mbo Mahocs

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Followers of TV sensation, Mbo Mahocs had been starved of the beauty as they had not been seeing much of her on local TV since last year when she relocated to South Africa.

Since then, Mbo has only been active on social media but now, local TV audiences will be seeing more of her as she is back and has a new show – Thatha Wena which she is co-hosting with her pal, Gilmore Tee. The show premieres today at 5:30PM on ZBC (DStv channel 280).

Said Gilmore Tee: “Thatha Wena is a Pan African Magazine show where we talk to individuals that make this continent move, i.e the people behind the people in the limelight, those behind innovative and progressive initiatives, the drivers of Africa’s economies, the decision makers and the industrialists of the diverse sectors that make Africa move among many others.

“By having this show, we want to use the medium of television to have a conversation with the average individual through the conversations we host with our guests. The aim is to make the individual – our viewer, realise they can be a part of their development and progress.”

Guests who will be featured on Season 1 of Thatha Wena are historian – Pathisa Nyathi, image & brand management specialist – Nontokozo Masuku, activist and broadcaster – Soneni Gwizi among others.

With three segments, Gilmore Tee said one exciting one that the viewers should look out for is the ‘What Grinds My Gears’ segment which is  thought provoking.

“This segment allows one person to highlight what annoys them about the ill-behaviours of society. The idea of this segment is to challenge societal change towards the positive on and offline.

“It carries the simple but important aspects of everyday life or human behaviour that if either changed or implemented (depending on whether it’s bad or good) can develop our society towards the better.”

He said they thought of producing the show two years ago as they wanted to bring value to local TV.

“Sometime in 2015, we sat down and conversed about this show with Mbo, Nka Malunga, Johane Mpofu and Tswarelo Mothobe. These are the people involved in the production of this new exciting show which promises to be one of the best productions showing on ZBCtv.”

Explaining the programme’s name, Thatha Wena, Gilmore Tee said it was a Ndebele phrase used when one is encouraging someone to do better at whatever they will be doing.

“In many cases when one is dancing, you’ll hear one say, thatha wena. It’s with this in mind that we came up with this name to encourage people to take control of their areas of influence and make things happen and not wait for someone else to come with an initiative and ideas for them,” said Gilmore.

Mothobe, the show co-producer said: “Our goal is to build our society through a television show. With so many people glued to their TV screens, what better medium is there to plant the relevant ideas and suggest relevant and meaningful conversations to them.

“Working with the team is extremely exciting, but having both talented individuals such as Mbo Mahocs and Gilmore Tee be the face of the entire production is an added advantage. We’ve been working on this concept for a long time and we’re glad that finally, it’s coming to life.”

Mbo and Gilmore Tee gained popularity when they hosted the Zimbabwe Music Awards red carpet and wowed many with their chemistry.

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