Meet Amakruger: Pioneers of Afro-Trap, advocates for social justice

Sipepisiwe Moyo,[email protected]

Bulawayo-based music duo Amakruger, formed in 2018 by Dalumuzi Tshongwe (Dusty) and Nathan Zondo (Twenty2 Blunts), has been a pioneering force in the music scene. Specialising in Afro-trap, Amakruger uses their music as a catalyst for social change, advocating for national morals and values while addressing social injustices.

Their singles sung in Ndebele, Shona and English serve as a platform for raising awareness and initiating dialogues on pressing issues, positioning them as advocates for positive transformation within Zimbabwean society.

Beyond their message of cultural unity and social responsibility, Amakruger’s artistic vision challenges norms and pushes boundaries. The duo has graced stages across Zimbabwe, sharing platforms with renowned artistes such as Msiz’kay, LaDee, Mzistozz, and Ma9ine.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Dalumuzi Tshongwe expressed their aspirations:
“We are dedicated to inspiring the youth and shaping the future generation through our music. With a strong management team led by Twenty-seven and Woods, Amakruger is poised to leave a lasting impact on the music industry, both locally and internationally,” he remarked.

Their recent single, “Mhinduro”, available on all major streaming platforms, showcases their adeptness in utilising multiple languages to craft a compelling and resonant melody. As they continue to blend cultural influences with social consciousness, Amakruger remains committed to making a tangible difference through their music.

Nathan Zondo added insights into their upcoming plans: “This year holds exciting surprises for our fans, including the release of our album and a fresh single on YouTube. We’re eager to share our evolving sound and message with our audience,” he shared.

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