Meet Paloma, the Luxury Travel influencer

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Meet Paloma, the Luxury Travel influencer Paloma Mlunjwana

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Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter

MEET Paloma Mlunjwana, also known as Loloskloset, a qualified Strategic Brand Manager, an award-winning blogger, Luxury Travel Influencer, and reality television star. She has achieved success through her digital footprint, and her passion for empowering women to achieve the same. Loloskloset, who hails from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is now based in South Africa, where she has been making waves in the fashion and social media industry.

I’m passionate about young women from Bulawayo as I grew up here myself. Growing up in Matsheumhlope, I dreamt of making it to the big time and I’m fortunate enough to have made it. I’m looking especially at those in the digital sphere doing vlogging, social media and blogging since I started my career as a blogger. I see a lot of potential in Bulawayo women and it is my wish to help them in any way I can,” she said.

Loloskloset has gained popularity through her exquisite fashion sense and blogging ability, earning her a Zimbabwe International Women’s Achievers Awards gong in the process. She transitioned from blogging to social media as she realised she could monetise her online presence. She quickly moved into the retail space and launched her fast fashion brand, Loloskloset.

She believes that her hunger for success has been the key to her success, as she grabbed every opportunity that came her way.
“I have learnt to be subservient and cognisant of my surroundings to better myself. Being too picky doesn’t help. I have worked as a waitress, call centres, and receptions. Those experiences have shaped me into the woman I am today. If one has worked in those type of places, they would be cultured and mannered, and that helps in life. My success can also be attributed to my mother, Sakhile. She is an exceptional woman,” she said.

Loloskloset has been a brand ambassador for various companies, including South African ticketing company, TicketPro Travel. She has also launched the disruptive shopping platform Click & Shop Concierge, which is a concept that Paloma designed from the visuals, logo to service delivery. This is a partnership with an established logistics company that provides shopping services between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Loloskloset was a cast member for two Reality TV shows, The Queens of Mzansi and Diamond and Dolls that premièred on Showmax and Sabc 1. She has been celebrated and recognised more in South Africa and the UK more than in her home country.

However, she plans to engage more with the local community and share her experiences with them. The idea is to hold a Business Masterclass.

Paloma ‘Loloskloset’ Mlunjwana — Pictures by King Solz Photography

She wants to actively participate in retaining Bulawayo’s status as Zimbabwe’s creative and cultural hub.
Loloskloset has made a living travelling the world, sight-seeing and networking with like-minded people. She has been to Paris, the Maldives, the UK, and many other cities and countries. However, her trip to Jordan stands out as a spiritual getaway where she camped in the desert for two days. She visited the Dead Sea, where everything floats in the water.

It was as exciting as it comes, she narrated.
Apart from fashion and social media, Loloskloset dabbles in fitness, luxury events, and consultancy. She is a woman who wears many hats and has managed to be successful in all her endeavours.

Her success story is an inspiration to young women who aspire to make it in the digital space. As Loloskloset puts it, “My message to young women is to have a vision, work hard and be determined. Do not be afraid to take risks.” — @MbuleloMpofu

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