Mega bash for March babies

Millicent Andile Dube, Showbiz Reporter

When we were kids, birthdays were awesome as we got to party with friends, go to the movies, receive gifts and eat lots of cake.

As we grow up though, birthdays tend to stop being as exciting as they serve as moments to reflect on one’s growth.

As such, the excitement that came with celebrating one’s birthday tends to fizzle out for many as they grow older, as they instead, often come with a lot of anxiety.

DJ Prince Eskhosini.

And with social media, the pressure tends to mount as one will have been exposed to fancy birthdays that people would have been posting prior to theirs. So when the time comes to celebrate theirs, people might feel as if their celebration is just not “good enough”.

But, that should not be the case as birthdays should always be exciting and must always be celebrated as they only happen once a year.

To ensure that that excitement is maintained, a gig has been lined up this weekend to celebrate March babies (all those born in March). Dubbed the “March Mass Birthday”, those born in March have been invited to the Mthwakazi Resort tomorrow to celebrate.

DJ Mzoe

The resort’s proprietor Thando “Teekay” Ndabazokufa who celebrated his birthday on March 18 said they saw it fit to invite March babies so that they all celebrate together. He said the main aim is to keep the spirit of celebrating birthdays alive.

Other than celebrating, he said this will also be a great platform to promote domestic tourism.

“This event has been planned to keep the culture of celebration alive. I also saw this as a great opportunity to revive the resort because of late, the only time people use the Matopos Road for leisure is when they’re heading to Matopos Sailing Club and Matopos.

“The place was a very good chill spot back then, as seen by how our parents valued it. So this event and others that we’re planning will hopefully, eventually get to revive and give the place more significance,” said Ndabazokufa.

DJ Nospa

He said several entertainers have been lined up to perform including DJ Nospa, DJ Sweeto, Prince Eskhosini, Bryce DJ Klassic, Tony, Brandon that guy and DJ Mzoe.

The March babies who will be attending the event have been trending for the past couple of days as their pictures have been doing the rounds on various social media networking sites.

“All March babies are being invited to send us their pictures so that they are added to our posters. This is being done to include them as the event is all about them,” he said.

To add more fun to the experience, he said there will be a free photoshoot with many family-friendly activities lined up for the day.

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