Lovemore Zigara Midlands Correspondent
MIDLANDS has recorded an increase in the number of new sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the second quarter of this year as compared to the first quarter.During the third quarter, STI cases increased from 4,537 between January and March to 5,655 infections between April and June, according to statistics released by National Aids Council (Nac) programmes officer for Midlands, Margaret Mika.

Gokwe South recorded the highest number of new infections with 1,000.

Mika said partners needed to be treated for STIs concurrently to reduce incidences of infections.

“There’s need to put emphasis on people who come to be treated for STIs to bring their partners to be treated as well because it’s pointless to treat one partner leaving the other.

“The one who is not treated will re-infect his treated partner. The STI will never be eradicated if we treat one partner,” she said.

Mika said there were more females than males undergoing HIV counseling and testing, a situation which she attributed to women having a “health-seeking disposition”.

Despite the increase in the number of STIs cases, the uptake of condoms in the province continues to increase.

Condom distribution increased from about 1.5 million male condoms and 61,276 female condoms to two million and 64,524 respectively.

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