Minister donates salary Cde Raj Modi

Andile Tshuma, Chronicle Reporter
INDUSTRY and Commerce Deputy Minister Cde Rajesh Modi, who pledged to donate his Government salary, has started delivering on his promise after paying medical bills for a Bulawayo woman.

Cde Modi last week gave his first pay cheque to a city woman who suffered a stroke and needed specialist medical attention.

Ms Brenda Zulu of Mzilikazi suburb was admitted to Mpilo Central Hospital before being discharged. The Minister had her admitted to the Roman Catholic church-run Mater Dei Hospital, which had the required specialist facilities to treat her ailment. He paid the medical bills using his Government salary.

In an interview yesterday, the Deputy Minister said while the gesture would not solve all the country’s problems or help every needy situation, he hoped it would touch a few individuals whose lives would be improved.

“Sometimes it’s not about waiting for bigger projects that will benefit a lot of people. It is the little things that touch a few lives that matter. Next time it may be a household that needs food, a pupil in need of school fees or any other person in need of help. It may seem worthless to the next person but I know that part of their burdens would have been lifted,” he said.

Cde Modi pledged to continue giving his Government salary to charity for the rest of his term in office.

“I know that in the next five years, each month, someone’s life will be different. Someone will remember me for one small deed in their life, and being able to help someone makes me happy. That is what drives me to philanthropy,” he said.

Cde Modi said the powerful in society should not seek higher office for enrichment, but to empower the poor and vulnerable. And the wealthy should not give to the public for the sake of glory, but to inspire the privileged to care not for themselves, but for the less privileged.

Cde Modi, who is also the only Zanu-PF MP in Bulawayo after being elected legislator for Bulawayo South, said he wanted to help the underprivileged as a way of thanking the people of Bulawayo for his electoral victory.

“I am making an undertaking to donate my entire salary every month to the needy. I will not touch or use a cent from that money. It will go to the poor, especially the children whom I love so much. I will also give to women, orphans, the elderly and people living with disabilities,” he said. — @andile_tshuma

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