Minister warns security force impersonators

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Minister warns security force impersonators Minister Dr Obert Mpofu

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Minister Dr Obert Mpofu

Minister Dr Obert Mpofu

Auxilia Katongomara, Chronicle Reporter
GOVERNMENT has warned criminals moving around extorting people and impersonating security forces that they face prosecution.

In a statement, Home Affairs and Culture Minister Cde Obert Mpofu said there are reports of persons who are targeting unsuspecting members of the public misrepresenting themselves to be members of the security services in order to extort money.

He said such conduct is criminal.

“This serves to advise the public and also warn persons perpetrating the above mentioned acts, that such conduct is criminal,” he said.

“It has come to the attention of the Government that some unscrupulous characters are targeting innocent law abiding members of our society, claiming to have damaging information against the victims and threatening them with exposure, unless they pay money to secure their perpetrator’s silence.”

Citing section 134 of the criminal law (codification and reform) Act (Chapter 9:23) , Cde Mpofu said extortion is a criminal offence which attracts a penalty of “a fine not exceeding level 13 or not exceeding twice the value of any money or property extorted whichever is greater or imprisonment for a period not exceeding 15 years.”

Cde Mpofu said people should report such cases to the Zimbabwe Republic Police on WhatsApp number 0712 800 197 or landline +263242703631.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa in his inaugural speech warned that his Government would not tolerate corruption.

“Acts of corruption must stop forthwith. Where these occur, swift justice must be served to show each other and all, that crime and other acts of economic sabotage can only guarantee ruin to perpetrators.

“ Grief awaits those who depart from the path of virtue and clean business,”


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