More Beitbridge cops transferred from border town

22 Aug, 2016 - 00:08 0 Views

The Chronicle

Harare Bureau
THE Zimbabwe Republic Police has transferred more cops from Beitbridge District with those in the Police Protection Unit and Criminal Investigations Department becoming the latest victims.

There was a massive redeployment of police in Beitbridge District last week.

There are indications 500 police officers were transferred.

Initially when the redeployments were effected, the PPU and CID Law and Order section were spared.

However, there was a change of mind at the Police General Headquarters’ human resource department.

Sources within the ZRP yesterday said those in PPU and CID Law and Order were ordered to report for duty today at their new police stations.

The redeployment of police from Beitbridge followed demonstrations that left property worth thousands of dollars destroyed after cross border traders rioted against Statutory Instrument 64 restricting importation of some goods on July 1.

The police are accused of failing to handle the illegal demonstrations.

In a recent interview, State Security Minister Kembo Mohadi said the police failed to react on time even though they had information on the planned demo.

The force has an estimated staff complement of close to 500 officers in the district.

Police chief national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba recently dismissed allegations that the police officers had been redeployed for their poor handling of the July demonstrations.

“This is a Government programme, where all departments were directed to redeploy everyone from Beitbridge to other districts. The directive does not apply to the police alone.

“As police, we are the first to take up the initiative. This has nothing to do with poor performance and all these sinister reports we are getting,” she said.


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