More people are bitten by dogs in Manicaland than in any other province in Zimbabwe

Bongani Ndlovu, Online Writer

OVER 500 dog bite cases have been reported in Zimbabwe with most bites being from dogs of unknown status.

According to a weekly update by the Ministry of Health and Childcare, Manicaland Province with 83 bites had the highest followed by Mashonaland East with 75.

“Weekly Disease Surveillance Report for the Week Ending 19 November 2023. 546 dog bite cases and zero deaths were reported this week. Of these cases, 129 (23.6 percent) were bitten by vaccinated dogs, 125 (23 percent) by unvaccinated dogs and 292 (53.4 percent) by dogs of unknown status.

“The highest number of dog bite cases reported this week were from Manicaland Province (83) and Mashonaland East Province (75). The cumulative figures for dog bites are 10 872 cases and 3 deaths,” read the update.


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