Move over NewsBae……Make way for Queen of News

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Move over NewsBae……Make way for Queen of News

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RUMBIDanisa Masuku Showbiz Correspondent
ZBC, unpopular among some viewers because of its outdated programming is now upping its game with the introduction of irresistible personalities. News Hour has become a top priority on many viewers’ programming schedules as a result of the station’s recent boob when they accidentally showed footage of Internet sensation – Tezvara as Sekuru Kaguvi. To top it off, the fresh faces reading the lunch time and 8 o’clock news are keeping viewers glued to the screen.

First to bring in traffic was vivacious Rumbidzai Takawira – a news anchor who wowed TV audiences and earned herself the title NewsBae. Fast track, two years down the line, another newscaster Yolanda Gumbo – has been launched by ZBC on the same platform – News Hour.

Based in Bulawayo, Gumbo – an endorsed beauty who was once crowned Miss Summer Strides and Miss Highlanders has stamped her authority on the news desk where she reads news on weekends. Apart from Gumbo, Bulawayo which is known to be the traditional hub of talent has produced media gurus, Ezra Tshisa Sibanda, Nonceba Mkandla and Ompile Marupi among others.

When Gumbo appeared on News Hour at 8PM recently, many people started throwing heaps of praises as they appreciated her talent. A clip of her reading news soon went viral on social networks with those who had missed the live broadcast being presented with an opportunity to witness the Queen of News in action.

What got people talking, well, besides her beauty, was the way she exuded confidence and read the news with clarity like a boss.

But who is this Yolanda Gumbo whom most now refer to as the Queen of News/Blues Bae.

Danisa Masuku (DM): Who is Yolanda Gumbo?

Yolanda Gumbo (YG): I was born 27 years ago in Bulawayo and fellowship at Word of Life International Ministries. I went to Robert Tredgold primary and did my secondary education at Bulawayo Adventist High School. But while going to school, I was passionate about modelling, which I started doing when I was three years old.

DM: Tell me more about your modelling career.

YG: My first modelling competition was Miss Highlanders in 2002 where I was crowned Queen. After this, I took modelling as a career and enrolled for a course in modelling with Strides Modelling Agency in 2003. I did a course in grooming and etiquette which I passed with a distinction. Modelling built my confidence and taught me to love myself for who I am. But all good things come to an end so I quit modelling in 2005 as it was now boring. It’s at this point that I took up studies in Marketing Management at Midlands State University (MSU).

DM: How did you end up in the broadcasting world?

YG: Just one programme demo got me interested in broadcasting. This was after a former schoolmate informed me that one of the new radio stations was looking for presenters for an afternoon show. After listening to our demo that we submitted as a team, one of the station’s producers said to me: “Why don’t you try news reading because you’ve a good voice.”

Sadly, I never got an opportunity to work at that radio station but as fate would have it, another friend informed me that ZBC was searching for news readers at Montrose Studios. I went for the auditions and by the grace of God I was selected from a pool of 20 aspirants.

DM: You show composure on set, how do you do it?

YG: I got this golden trait from my former modelling profession and have the likes of my mentor – Sipho Mazibuko to thank for this life skill.

DM: Who is your inspiration?

YG: My mother because she’s been a pillar of strength, always giving me the push. She believes in me and that I can achieve a lot in life.

DM: How is it being in the limelight once again?

YG: Well, it has brought with it the good and the bad. The bad being that the new profession has come with stalkers in the form of strangers who send me very strange messages on various social networking platforms. But thanks to my modelling stint, I now know how to deal with stalkers, especially men who hit on me. Getting messages like “You’re beautiful, how many cows does your father need?” is now the order of the day, but it’s how you deal with them that changes the game.

DM: What do you seek to achieve as a television personality in the long term.

YG: I want to be a reputable newscaster while also being presented with opportunities to MC at various key events. My hope is to grow the Yolanda Gumbo brand to be an internationally recognised one in this digital world.

DM: How do you best describe yourself?

YG: Friendly, generous and ambitious.

DM: What do you do during your spare time?

YG: On Saturday’s, I hang out with my friends or fiancé just to wind down.

DM: Your favourite food?

YG: My favourite food is isitshwala and meaty bones. I also love steak and Cheddar Melt.

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