Moyo surrenders Parly vehicles

15 Mar, 2011 - 20:03 0 Views
Moyo surrenders Parly vehicles

The Chronicle

Speaker of the House of Assembly.
This follows a request by Parliament that he returns the vehicles after the Supreme Court nullified his election last week.
The court ruled that the election pro-cess was fraught with irregularities and breached Zimbabwe’s Constitution.
Clerk of Parliament Mr Austin Zvoma yesterday said the former Speaker surrendered the cars.
“He handed over a 350 S Class (Mercedes Benz) and a Range Rover,” he said.
Mr Moyo will remain in the house Parliament was renting for him until month-end.
Mr Zvoma said: “We had paid rent for the whole month (March) so he remains there.”
Parliament is paying about US$1 800 per month for the house.
“We will not pay for anything else after that,” said Mr Zvoma.
Mr Moyo is also unlikely to get his full salary this month.
The former Speaker is no longer part of the legislature and is ineligible to vote when the House of Assembly sits to elect his replacement.
Mr Zvoma on Tuesday said Mr Moyo was now an ordinary member of the public.
There is, however, debate within the legal fraternity on if Mr Moyo regains his Matobo North seat.
There is also debate as to whether or not both he and his MDC-T party leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai should face contempt of court charges for allegedly using insulting language against the Supreme Court judges who made the recent ruling.
Lobbying for the post he held up to this month is understood to be intense with insiders saying Zanu-PF national chair-man Cde Simon Khaya Moyo could be lined up for the job.
MDC-T has said it will put Mr Moyo up for election again.
Professor Welshman Ncube’s MDC says it wants Mr Paul Themba Nyathi to be Speaker. However, it remains to be seen if the other two parties in the House of Assembly will back Mr Themba Nyathi seeing as MDC – which has the fewest seats – already has the Deputy Speaker’s post through Ms Nomalanga Khumalo.

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