Mr Bones’ alcohol song a hit

25 Oct, 2021 - 00:10 0 Views
Mr Bones’ alcohol song a hit Mr Bones

The Chronicle

Mkhululi Ncube, Showbiz Reporter
WITH more Rhumba musicians warming up to the idea of recording singles, Mxolisi “Mr Bones” Ndlovu has released a single titled Ungasondeli lapha mfana that discourages youths from abusing alcohol.

The track which could easily be used by beer brewing companies in the country for marketing their products has found favour with those of not sober habits.

Mr Bones released the track on online platforms two weeks ago and it is already making waves. A number of videos of fans drinking their favourite beverages while singing along and dancing to the song have started circulating on social media platforms in what is fast becoming a beer challenge.

“I composed the song before the advent of Covid-19 aiming to get a partnership with Ingwebu Breweries, but the management did not buy my idea. I then redid the song incorporating different beer brands to celebrate with our fans.

“It’s a celebratory song in which I urge my fans to drink responsibly,” he said.

Mr Bones said he has many fans who are alcohol drinkers and are always on the receiving end from music composers who mostly sing about the ills of beer drinking. He said his song is meant to celebrate with them.

In the song, the Gaxani Amajazi hit-maker is also campaigning against alcohol abuse by teenagers.

“We have many young people who are abusing beer and end up causing problems in society. In the song, I’m playing my part as a role model to urge young people to stay away from beer until they are mature. They should concentrate on building their future and not trouble older people at drinking spots,” he said.

Mr Bones said he is humbled by the response the song has been getting. He said he has been receiving numerous videos from fans doing the song’s dance challenge while holding their favourite beer brands.

“The response has been very good and it’s not something that I expected. Besides celebrating with beer drinkers, the song is very good as even those who don’t drink will find it difficult to resist its call to the dance floor. It is a present to my fans as they wait for my eighth album which is coming next year,” he said.

The song will most likely make it to most parties during the fast-approaching festive season.

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