MTM vs Vigilance Battle on two fronts

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MTM vs Vigilance Battle on two fronts Winky D & Jah Prayzah

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Winky D & Jah Prayzah

Winky D & Jah Prayzah

Langalakhe Mabena
WHEN Mukudzeyi “Jah Prayzah” Mukombe released his hit Kutonga Kwaro album last year, his only competition in the music industry Wallace “Winky D” Chirumiko maintained a low profile as his management decided not to release an album which the Ninja President promised to drop last year.

The Kutonga Kwaro album resurrected a mummy in the form of DJ Tamuka, real name Mponda Makhuluni, as he resurfaced in the music production scene producing Jah Prayzah’s album which regained him the status of being one of the top producers who can fill his friend Prince Tapfuma otherwise known as DJ Oskid’s shoes.

On February 2, 2018, the occasion of Winky D’s 35th birthday bash held at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC), those who attended the “sold out” show can testify that history was made in the Zimbabwe music industry.

As Biggie Man’s party was co-joined with the launch of the much anticipated Gombwe album, for the first time Winky D released an album publicly, a rare scenario in as far as the way of doing things under the Vigilance stable is concerned.

Why did Winky D break his vows of releasing the Gombwe album soon after Jah Prayzah’s Kutonga Kwaro offering?

Was it a trick to give Jah Prayzah space to breath and shine? Or would have Jah Prayzah’s track Kutongwa Kwaro been as popular if Operation Restore Legacy had not taken place?.

Perhaps Winky’s latest 12 track offering can justify that.

DJ Oskid and DJ Tamuka

DJ Oskid and DJ Tamuka

In comparison, Kutonga Kwaro was a great crafted piece rich in political lyrical content which landed Jah Prayzah the title “Prophet of Doom” as the lyrics on his Kutonga Kwaro song became true.

Winky D’s Gombwe is a social commentary project which tackles everyday life challenges courtesy of the songs Hatiperekedzane and the most loved by many across the country Ngirozi featuring Apostolic Acapella ensemble Vabati VaJehova.

Apart from these two tracks, the entire album is about Winky’s egoism as he brags to be the ancestor of music (Gombwe), the undisputed kingpin in the game.

Anyone who has listened to all the 12 tracks on Winky’s album can testify that Oskid, Winky’s partner in hit-making, did justice on the production and mastering department as all the songs are mature and match international standards.

DJ Oskid’s comeback with Winky D was unexpected as last year rumours and other publications had it that the two had separated as Oskid demanded more pay and royalties from Winky D.

The horses have already bolted and there is no time to look backwards.

People who have always compared Oskid and Tamuka who form an alliance on their group “Zimboys” despite producing for their bosses, can now easily compare their works as both their productions Kutonga Kwaro and Gombwe are the main offerings on the Zimbabwean music scene at the moment.

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