Musician Dimitri uses music to identify his role in society

29 Jul, 2021 - 16:07 0 Views
Musician Dimitri uses music to identify his role in society

The Chronicle

Mthabisi Tshuma, Online Correspondent

UGANDA-based Zimbabwe-born musician Dimitri Kwenda popularly known as Dimitri & The Scarecrow is growing his brand through his recently launched freestyle online shows.

Dimitri & The Scarecrow rose to fame in 2015 when he released his debut seven-track EP titled Messenger is Sender The EP when he was still in the country.

Now, he is currently basking in the glory of his 10-track album titled Grassroots Rap released last year.

Chronicle Showbiz caught up with Dimitri & The Scarecrow from his base in Kampala in Uganda where he opened up on how his music is far different from what most rappers tend to focus on.

“Writing has always been the strong backbone upon which I can rest my laurels and perspective. Music is the vehicle which allows me to write this anthology which is still forming and contributing to culture.

“What drove me to music is my own struggle with personal poverty and the lack of purpose or understanding of my role in society. I wanted to have an identity I could determine, define and claim unapologetically. Everyone wants to be a curator of art in music, but the genuine belief that you could be the artiste is one which many often fail to comprehend,” said Dimitri & The Scarecrow.

He said he is producing a series known as The Crowfast Sessions which started out as a freestyle in his house via Instagram until he discovered Chillhop and elevated it to a YouTube series.

“I record and release a freestyle track every Monday morning via the Dimitri & The Scarecrow channel.  I’ve spent time investing in a home studio and helped my father who wrote a book recently.

“Collaboration with producers and artistes from different countries like Uganda, The Netherlands, Spain, Sudan, Norway, Cameroon to name a few, will be the order of the day,” said Dimitri & The Scarecrow. – @mthabisi_mthire


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