Musician shares inspiration behind new single

Natasha Mutsiba, [email protected]

UP-AND-COMING artiste Emani Langa whose real name is Emmanuel Nqoba Langa Nxongo, recently shared details about his upcoming single titled Rure Rure which he will drop on October 2, shedding light on the inspiration behind the track and his aspirations for the future.

In an interview, Emani Langa opened up about the significance of the song and his desire to connect with his audience on a deeper level.

“Everyone knows how I’m dedicated to studying music so that I get a better appreciation of it and it enables me to create better music. From generation to generation people sample music lyrics or the instruments from our legends so that we keep their legacy alive. I have been on a journey of bringing back what was, and reintroducing it to our generation because we have so much of our culture and tradition” said Langa.

The artiste revealed that he specifically chose to sample a nursery rhyme called Rure Rure which holds sentimental value from his childhood.

“I sampled that nursery rhyme because I’m starting a new journey but also reflecting on how we were young and free,” Emani Langa explained.

He aimed to showcase personal growth and resilience through the track, conveying the message that, despite adversities, patience and perseverance can lead to triumph.

Breaking away from his usual afro beats style, Emani Langa revealed that his new single would feature rap elements. He described the track as an upbeat rhythm, representing Zim hip-hop.

In a bid to inspire the less privileged, Emani Langa emphasized the importance of utilising one’s God-given abilities to overcome challenges. He encouraged people to win in a righteous manner, without resorting to unorthodox methods.

For the first time,Emani Langa embarked on a solo project without collaborating with other artists.

“I didn’t want my story to be diluted, and I want to serve it with my desired concentration. I hope it won’t be too sweet” he laughed.

The single was engineered by the renowned Zim hip-hop producer, Boy Tricky, at the Roman Raps Studio and the music video was creatively directed by Munya K, a multi-award nominee.

Emani Langa expressed excitement about showcasing a different side of his artistry.

“It’s quite different, it’s a side that most people haven’t experienced yet. I was well known for my lover boy soft music but in this project I snapped. I went to old school rap,” shared Langa.

Looking ahead, Langa hopes to achieve creative freedom and surpass his streaming records on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube. He also intends to connect his brand with the corporate world through this music project.

Langa emphasised the importance of this single as a cornerstone for his career and the Zimhiphop sphere, with aspirations to represent his city and contribute to the nation’s GDP growth through his music and shows.

This song is his debut song after he rebranded from Reezy Terah to Emani Langa last month. — @TashaMutsiba.

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