Mutekede considers localising F4F concept

13 Jun, 2018 - 00:06 0 Views
Mutekede considers localising F4F concept Wilson Mutekede

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Wilson Mutekede

Wilson Mutekede

Sikhumbuzo Moyo in Moscow, Russia
ZIFA technical director Wilson Mutekede is contemplating introducing the concept of Football for Friendship (F4F) , which he believes can help in the development of the game in Zimbabwe.

Mutekede has been impressed by how organisers of the F4F have managed to put together 32 teams, all playing on one field, while pushing the nine values of the tournament.

“What we are seeing here is what we should be doing back home if we are to develop our game. I’m seeing a lot of positives and I think we need to localise this concept into our Zimbabwean situation,” said Mutekede.

With 32 teams of youngsters all playing at the same time on a field divided into eight groups, Mutekede said the concept can be introduced in Zimbabwe by having provincial teams from the country’s 10 provinces.

“Had it been in Zimbabwe, we would have needed a minimum of eight different fields for these youngsters because we seem to treat them as adults yet they are just kids who must be treated as such. How do we expect an 11-year-old kid to play in an adult size pitch?

“By demarcating the pitch to fit their size, you are helping these youngsters to fully appreciate the game and also to enjoy it, so I really feel we need to have  this kind of tournament back home,” he said.

Mutekede said grassroots development can only succeed if proper technical and tactical knowledge is given to the youngsters.

“By using this concept, I am convinced our game will develop,” he said.


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