‘My goal is to be a legendary barber’

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‘My goal is to be a legendary barber’ Mr Bokang Lovejoy Nare

The Chronicle

Mashudu Netsianda, Senior Reporter

FROM a young age, Mr Bokang Lovejoy Nare (29) of Beitbridge was always fascinated at how barbers could make someone look so different within a short period of time. 

Each time he visited a barbershop for a haircut, he would prolong his stay so that he could get ample time to watch closely how it is done and take down notes.

Mr Bokang Lovejoy Nare’s work

Through those observations, Mr Nare was quick to master the art and when an opportunity came for him to open his own shop, he took it upon himself to outdo other barbers.

Today, the young man is a household name in the border town when it comes to trendy haircuts, with some asking if he is not Zimbabwe’s best barber.

He has become an instant hit on social media with his clients, mostly the younger generation, posting their new looks on Instagram, WhatsApp statuses and Facebook.

A barber on the cutting edge, Mr Nare was inspired by 360Jeezy, an American hair stylist and barber known for showcasing his 360 waves tutorials on his popular YouTube channel titled 360Jeezy. 

He also showcases how to cut your own hair and others’. Mr Nare’s popularity continues to grow each day because of the quality of service that he renders to his clients.

“I have always loved to be an entrepreneur from a young age. Each time, I went for a haircut, I would stay a bit a longer after having been served just to have a look at how barbers were doing their cuts,” he said.

“Upon scrutinising my head, I noticed that most of these barbers didn’t trim me the way I wanted.

I would then ask for a hair clipper and redo my haircut.”

Mr Nare, who operates from a family house, said he bought his first hair clipper in June 2018 marking the beginning of his journey as a professional barber.

“I used to do contract jobs in construction companies and it was through these menial jobs that I managed to raise enough money to start my own barbershop,” he said.

Mr Nare uses social media to market his service and his Facebook page under the name Mobiflex has generated a lot of followers with the numbers continuing to increase.

Most of his clients are youths who would have seen his posts on social media.

“I do neat haircuts and post them on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

My clients are also the ones who have popularised and magnified my brand through posting their hairstyles on social media,” he said.

Mr Nare services an average of about 20 customers daily.

Mr Nare said losing his father at a tender age taught him to be a responsible person at a younger age.

His father, who died in October 2004, was a professional videographer, and upon his death, Mr Nare and his siblings had to assist their mother in carrying on with the business.

“It wasn’t easy when my father passed on, we had to learn how to be responsible people at a very young age.

We helped my mother in her video filming business, which she used to do with my father and managed to pay our school fees and money for our daily needs,” said Mr Nare.

Although Mr Nare is a full-time barber, he is also into video filming and photography operating under the name Buffalomedia, and gets hired to cover weddings, birthday parties and graduation ceremonies among other events.

“My ultimate goal is to be a legendary barber and open more branches across the country.

I am a hairstylist, who is passionate about his work, which is why I continue to retain my clients because they would have been satisfied with my service,” he said. – @mashnets

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