“My life is in danger” -Madam Boss Madam Boss

Sipepisiwe Moyo, [email protected]

POPULAR comedian and socialite Madam Boss has taken to her social media page claiming that her life is in danger. Madam Boss, real name, Tarisai Cleopatra Munetsiwa, posted on her Facebook page saying:

“Hello dear family l have been contacted anonymously and informed that my life is in danger.The police,my lawyer and our family are all aware of the situation.

The whistleblower has disclosed the suspect and the level of hate directed towards me is extreme. I ask for your prayers and hope that God continues to watch over me,I did not choose my path,but God made me who I am today.

May God reveal my enemies before you.” Madam Boss’ post has sparked several reactions from social media users and fans of Madam Boss with some praying for her safety.

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