Mzoe 7 encourages the youth

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Mzoe 7 encourages the youth Mzoe 7

The Chronicle

Wayne Chiridza, Showbiz Reporter

AFRO-POP singer and dancer Mzoe 7, real name Mzobanzi Mlauzi, feels he is now a role model to youth and encouraged them to follow their dreams.

Mzoe 7 who has worked with the likes of Sandra Ndebele in the hit Ingoma and is better known for his song Kwasa Kwasa said: “The arts sector for me changed as I’ve become a role model to some and an influencer. I have to mind my behaviour in public so as to set an example, the youngsters should know that they are able to juggle being a singer and also their academics at the same time,” said Mzoe 7.

The artist also thanked the education ministry for including the arts in the curriculum.

“I also appreciate as an artiste that the education ministry has considered arts into the curriculum because back then parents didn’t understand arts. Arts preserve culture, teaches and is a way of communicating,” said Mzoe 7.

Mzoe 7 said the youth of today should not be held back in pursuing their dreams in the arts sector.

“Whether you want to be a dancer, singer or poet I think this is the right time and age where people have such opportunities to realise their dreams as a lot of platforms that are meant to enable those are being held in the city,” said Mzoe 7.

Commenting on 2019 the artiste said he had a wonderful year as he got to share the stage with some big artistes.

“I had a wonderful year as I got to share the stage with a lot of local and international artists. This year I’ll be working harder and smarter as I want to inspire more people, especially fellow youths and creatives,” he said.

The artiste is working on his first Extended Play (EP) that he will release sometime this year.

Mzoe 7 said he will be bringing in a new message to his music similar to that of Cal_Vin’s ‘Life Goes On.’

“My sound will have both fun and songs with message like the recent one with Cal_vin’s Life goes on,” he said. – @waynecas

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