Mzoe 7 readies EP launch Mzoe 7 receiving an award

Millicent Andile Dube, Showbiz Reporter

Anticipation has been the order of the day since award winning multi-talented Mzoe 7 officially announced the release of his latest project.

Mzoe 7 recently announced Larry Mhlanga foundation as a partner in the much awaited EP titled Unlocked.

“The EP should be out on April 1, it’s going to be called Seven. Seven is the number of perfections, the number of completeness and I am presenting a complete artiste to my fans when the EP drops,” he said.

Speaking about his upcoming EP, Mzoe7 said it is inspired by life and revolves around themes of love, relationships and appreciation.

The EP consists of songs such as Indoda Must which became a hit on Valentine’s, as the song articulated that men should also experience King treatment from their partners.

“I have worked on this EP with my energy fully blown out together with my team. I am happy with what we have created and can not wait to share it with everyone. Inspiration was drawn from a lot of things and I got assistance from some of the best individuals that have created magic,” he said.

Mzoe &, who bagged the male artist of the year award in 2022, mentioned that Seewelltone, Toohigh, Wildfire DJ and Shekinah are some international musicians that assisted in the creation of the EP.


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