NAMA nomination  saved my life: MisRed MisRed

Mbulelo Mpofu, [email protected]

IN the darkest of times, when hope seems but a distant flicker, it is often the unexpected that brings us back to light. This was the case for the beloved radio personality, MisRed, who found solace in an unexpected nomination from the National Arts Merit Awards (Nama). It was this recognition that she credits with pulling her back from the brink during a particularly tumultuous period.

On the glamorous Nama red carpet, MisRed shared with ‘Chronicle Showbiz’ the profound impact the nomination had on her. 

“Its a miracle that I’m here tonight (Saturday) as I don’t know how I would have mustered the courage to carry on. When the nomination came through, I was going through one of the most depressing days of my life. I just got on radio, I was crying the whole time and I saw a plethora of messages blowing my phone and to my surprise, I was nominated. 

“That felt therapeutic as I wanted something, anything to latch on and ever since that time, I have been getting better. It felt as if God was speaking to me, telling me that I still have a lot of things to do in life,” she revealed.

While MisRed chose to keep the source of her distress private, her smile hinted at a strength found within. 

“It’s a personal and private matter that I’m getting through, slowly but surely,” she confided.

The tale is a familiar one in the media industry, where personalities often bear the weight of their own struggles while striving to uplift others. The pursuit of public happiness can sometimes lead to personal sacrifice, a reality that has taken a toll on many.

In the “Outstanding Journalist – Radio” category, MisRed was nominated alongside her colleague Chamvary and Star FM’s KVG. The award ultimately went to Chamvary during the ceremony at the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre (ZIEC) last Saturday night.

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